Jorge Javier returns with darts for the ‘bosses’ of Mediaset and laughs at the Code of Ethics: “They should go to jail for boring people so much”

The Catalan presenter returned to the small screen this Monday after retiring last May for health reasons. Dressed in black and visibly thinner, he greeted the audience with a hooligan nod to Mediaset’s ‘whitewashing’: “I’m very happy to be on such a red set.”

Jorge Javier has flouted the Code of Ethics of the Italian channel (which eliminates politics from its lists) and has revealed: “I voted by mail and I am very happy with the results. Sánchez could win, Feijóo could win… I have become very ambiguous. Puddles, not one”. Of course, she did not hesitate when they asked her if she wanted to visit Ana Rose on his new afternoon show: “He hasn’t told me anything yet, but “If this were a drama novel, I have to say that I am not yet ready to set foot on the scene of the crime.” (Quintana’s new set is that of the extinct Save me). And, between laughs, he pointed out: “I would be delighted to receive her. Ana Rosa, I’ll wait for you here.”

Jorge Javier has explained the reason why he retired from television last May: “On the 18th I ended up in the emergency room due to a power surge. I couldn’t keep pulling myself and I made the decision to stop. At Mediaset there has been a transition that was especially painful for me for many reasons and I have gone through many states of mind: rage, anger, sadness, disenchantment… During the medical leave together, I knew what happened and who participated in making it happen.”. And he added: “I don’t forget but I return without revenge. I return for the support of Alessandro Salem, I thank him very much, and I come with a mission: to entertain. My only message is that I come to work and the only thing I ask of the people who don’t work is that, at least, they don’t mess up.

In his line, he has also criticized some of the spaces and collaborators that have filled the Mediaset grid this summer: “I have watched a lot of TV this summer and some of the collaborators who have participated should go to jail for boring people so much. They should be accused of attempted murder.”