Jorge Javier returns with 21.7% for ‘Survivientes’, Telecinco’s best figure this season

Jorge Javier Vazquez y Survivors They returned to Telecinco this Thursday with 21.7% and 1,645,000 viewers on average, the broadcast with the highest share of the season for the Mediaset network and the second most viewed this year.

The program premiered its edition with a new production company, Cuarzo (The island of temptations), instead of Bulldog TV, which has run out of this format although it now produces dancing with the stars. Furthermore, the premiere of this format marked the return of Jorge Javier after five months away from the network.

The launch of the new edition of Survivors leads all its rivals and confirms that it is Mediaset’s best asset, even though it is a format that represents the previous network model, and not the new one, as is the case with other programs such as The island of temptations which also achieves good results.

Compared to SurvivorsAntena 3 scores a 11.2% for between lands, a series that is having a very good reception on the Atresmedia network after its passage through the Atresplayer platform. For its part, La 1 has to settle for 6.8% of Sewing masters for the second weekly installment that TVE pulled out of its hat with the aim of trying to damage the Telecinco reality show.

As for the rest of the chains, Cuatro scores 5.2% for Horizontewhile La Sexta registers 4.3% for the program Battle of restaurants run by Alberto Chicote.

Historic audience premieres of Survivors

2021: 30,3% y 2.815.000

2020: 32,7% y 3.206.000

2019: 36,5% y 4.164.000

2018: 26,5% y 2.960.000

2017: 24,4% y 2.786.000

2016: 29% y 3.685.000

2015: 27,7% y 3.123.000

2014: 21,4% y 2.930.000

2011: 26,7% y 3.812.000

2010: 21,1% y 3.030.000

2009: 21,9% y 3.089.000

2008: 29,1% y 3.854.000

2007: 22,6% y 3.065.000

2006: 26,2% y 3.972.000