Jorge Javier returns to the PSOE fold after being marginalized by Zapatero, attacked by Vasile and ignored by Sánchez

Two messages on social networks summarize the happy Tuesday he enjoyed yesterday Jorge Javier Vázquez, who showed his best face after months of being down for work and health reasons that, as he has recognized in some of his books, have often gone hand in hand.

The former star presenter of Telecinco mocked in the morning the resignation of the president of Mediaset announced by this newspaper, Borja Prado, who in many circles is blamed for the end of Sálvame. “The best always leave us,” the one from Badalona said ironically. In the afternoon, Jorge Javier uploaded a photograph to his networks with Pedro Sánchez in La Moncloa along with the following message: “What a busy day!”

From Toro de la Vega to the mainland

The philologist who was for years the flagship of the audiovisual giant met this Tuesday with the President of the Government, as we already gathered, to talk about the presentation event next Monday of the book signed by Sánchez, who has launched the autobiographical essay 'Tierra firma' with Irene Lozano.

Jorge Javier Vazquez will present the book at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, thus taking over from Jesús Calleja and Mercedes Milá, who four years ago presented 'Resilience Manual'. Now the adventurer produces the Barcelona presenter's new program: on RTVE! The twists and turns of life.

Sánchez winks like this at Jorge Javier, who defended the Government in the arid times of the pandemic (“Sálvame is a program of reds and faggots”) and has complimented him multiple times from the pages of Readings.

It will not be the first time that Jorge Javier and Sánchez make people talk, since in 2014 the socialist, recently elected as general secretary, called Sálvame to announce that he would abolish Toro de la Vega if he became president of the Government.

By the time he reached her, the Junta de Castilla y León had already banned such a spectacle and Jorge Javier Vázquez was forgotten by Sánchez, who until now had not claimed him at his side.

The socialist smiles and tears of Jorge Javier

Jorge Javier's political commitment is bomb-proof despite the fact that he suffered scorn in the past from the PSOE, which during the period of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero did not want to interact with the then presenter of Here there is tomato.

This is how the presenter himself recalled it a few months ago on the program La Mathematics of the Mirror, on La 2: “Zapatero was coming to give a rally in Barcelona, and I was presenting that program with such good reviews. Through a colleague they told me that if I went they would save a good place for me. Those things always make me very ashamed. And when the date approached, I think they called me to cancel my call. “I don't remember if they called me out or if they didn't call me again.”

Yes, Jorge Javier attended a socialist rally in Angel Gabilondo in the 2021 Madrid elections, which cost him a disagreement with his former boss: “Paolo Vasile got angry with me, he didn't talk to me and he scolded me through third parties. He got angry because I went to Ángel Gabilondo's rally, he called others to express their anger. I said: 'It's my private life.'”

Later, Jorge Javier Vázquez seemed to approach summer when going to Magariños to present the platform of Yolanda Díaz, who was later one of the guests of her podcast Fortunato's donkeys.


The goodbye of Borja Prado, announced by El Economista, and the arrival of Francisco Moreno as head of Informativos, also announced in scoop by Informalia, draws a Mediaset that is less right-wing than the outgoing president intended. From those attacks by CEO Alessandro Salem on Jorge Javier (for red) we have moved on to signing perhaps not attacking Jorge Javier for getting involved in politics (during work hours) we have moved on to signing Carlos Franganillo, not at all suspicious of being a “fack” .

It was a different matter with Vasile, as Jorge Javier himself said: “As a result of the reds and faggots, Paolo Vasile stopped talking to me for a long time. A couple of months. We were in a pandemic, he was living in Rome and he used to send us, those of us who got very good audiences, a message. I had a relationship with him and it stopped. I had a very bad time.”

The presenter wrote to him: “I don't understand your silence. I think that at this moment it is better for me to leave this company, so, Paolo, even though I have finished signing my renewal contract, I want to leave, I don't want to work in a company that I am punished in this way, because if you are angry with me what you have to do is call me and tell me off, but don't stop talking to me.'”

And in 2020 he was “willing to give up millions of euros because I did not feel loved. I did not understand that Vasile punished me with silence. I believed that I deserved different treatment and I said: This is as far as we have come. I do not like to be treated like child”.

But relations did not improve due to a dart from the presenter against Isabel Diaz Ayuso: “One Saturday at the Deluxe I said: Now, instead of going to Survivors, people want to go to Zendal to lose weight. I clarified that same Saturday that I was not laughing at the sick, that I made humor about the shitty food they gave. It was a complaint. Paolo Vasile, who was still in Rome, wanted me to rectify it again on Monday. I told him 'no' and that made him enter a spiral of silence with me.”

Another issue is the breakup between the 'bosses' of Jorge Javier and Mediaset, also confirmed this Tuesday and presented by Informalia on November 2: Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid They will no longer be partners of Mediaset in La Fábrica de la tele, the production company that made Sálvame. The destinies of these television geniuses and their friend Jorge Javier remain to be written. At the moment, as we have already pointed out, they are keeping an eye on RTVE and their friend José Pablo.