Jorge Javier pricks Isabel Pantoja’s conscience for not attending her daughter’s wedding: “I know you more than you think”

After the cancellation of Chinese stories, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has more free time than ever. This Friday he will be the best man at Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno. The wedding will be celebrated this Friday, October 13 in Seville after getting married civilly this Tuesday in Fuenlabrada. The presenter has written a letter to Isabel Pantojawho does not plan to attend his daughter’s wedding.

The presenter has asked the artist for a meeting alone to start that “last pending conversation”: “During these days I have thought, Isabel, that I would like to talk to you. The two of them alone, with no one around. At my house, lying on the couch. You smoking with a cola and me with another, which I haven’t drunk in a long time,” she writes in her weekly blog. Readings.

Furthermore, the one from Badalona remembers in this open letter his love-hate relationship with the artist and recognizes the “complicity” of their bond: “I just wrote to you, Isabel, that I would like to chat with you. There was a time when we had complicity. That we spent hours on the phone. That we laughed. There was a time, too, when we went to kill each other. And that we fought an all-out war that, it is time to recognize it, kept us very alive.”

The communicator also expressed the difficulty of resuming his relationship with the singer of Sailor of Lights, but reminded the tonadillera that attending her daughter’s wedding “still has a solution.” “I know you more than you think, and I am convinced that this situation is causing you a lot of tears.that’s why I would like to be able to chat with you,” he adds.

He even acknowledged his desire to chat with her face to face “to break that glass wall” that prevents him from “making the decision to go”: “I hope you go. Because maybe, in a few days, or months, or years, you will think that I wish you had gone.”. And perhaps that thought causes you pain, sadness, grief. And today you have time to avoid it.”

Isa P and Asraf Beno have already said “I do”

The bride and groom have already passed through the altar. Or well, rather, by the civil notary, as he announced Readings this Tuesday. But, the tonadillera was not there, and she is not expected on Friday at the wedding celebration. A few weeks ago, Isa Pi herself confessed that she does not maintain a relationship with her mother: “I have tried by all means to get closer and be well,” she lamented on Telecinco.