Jorge Javier leaves Fran Rivera on the ground after his “sexist” attack on María Patiño: “Rancio and old”

Frank Riverawho turns 50 this Wednesday, January 3, is very topical for his incendiary interview in Friday and also for the exclusive with which his brother Julian Contreras enters the rag of his statements: “He is arrogant, classist and sexist, a mediocre intellectual.” He has also given his strong opinion on this media circus. Jorge Javier Vazquez.

The presenter from Badalona has judged the right-hander's statements on the Telecinco program, specifically the moment in which he charged against Maria Patino: “There are people you have nothing to do with and you can't help but like them. We all have someone like that in our lives. One of mine was Fran Rivera, but I have him in quarantine after what he said about María Patiño in Friday“Jorge writes this Wednesday on his blog. Readings.

The former presenter of Save me y Chinese stories goes into details: “After hearing some criticism that María uttered in SocialiteCarmina's son came to say what can you expect from a woman who left little notes on the windshield of her car. The comment is first of all machismo. Rancid and old“.

In this sense, she pulls out her nails for her partner and friend: “Arévalo manages to pronounce it and we put together a good But since a good-looking boy said it, we let it go. That's what it's like to be handsome and a good person, that you're allowed to let out real atrocities because you're part of what is known as normal: heterosexual, happy husband and loving father of his children. And sexist.”

The communicator is dispatched at ease: “Because trying to delegitimize the professionalism of a woman by dropping that she was trying to flirt with him is not attacking María Patiño but rather attacking women. And anyone who doesn't see it that way has a serious problem. Fran has it. And doubly because if after a week she has not apologized for such a base comment, it means that she does not have an environment that has made her see that she really screwed up. It's more, It is quite likely that they laughed at him and even applauded him for putting Patiño in his place.“.

Jorge says: “But no, Francisco, I'm already telling you that it's not that way. Furthermore, if what you were saying about Maria were true, it's not like it's anything from the other Thursday either. Raise your hand who, many years ago, did not want to sleep with you. I include myself. But as far as I know, it doesn't take away from anyone's professionalism.”

The presenter reads him the card with another forceful dart: “However, look how things are: now, sleeping with someone who thinks like you, we do it almost secretly. You go to bed, of course, but you don't introduce him to a best friends dinner because at the first opportunity he tells you that he doesn't understand why there's no Straight Pride day. And we are too old to teach people who don't want to understand.”

The presenter of Survivors He still hopes for a rectification on Fran's part: “I am convinced that you are going to fix it, although the important thing is not to apologize without feeling it. but ask for forgiveness, being very clear that you have made a mistake. Because apart from the apologies that María Patiño deserves, there is another very important thing: being aware of all the changes that are taking place around you.“.