Jorge Javier is honest about his absence from television and reveals the mistake of 'Chinese Tales': “We were wrong”

Jorge Javier Vazquez He has been absent from television for two months. However, more than a disaster, it has been a relief for him. He needed to stop and focus on his personal life after several health setbacks, and this is what gives him more and more strength to resume his professional commitments. After the cancellation of Chinese stories two months ago, is now preparing to present the new edition of Survivorsa reality show that will return to Telecinco screens in March 2024.

The presenter, 53, has spoken about his personal situation after his disappearance from the small screen. He did so in an interview with Readings , the magazine where he works, in which he assures that he leads “the same life he led when he worked on television.” “I haven't been hiding or anything like that,” he says, emphasizing that he has been working at Mediaset for a long time: “He had been going out almost daily at all hours for 15 years.”

“When I get news about how I'm going to be or if I'm going to be depressed, it makes me laugh.” because it's only been two months since I've been on TV,” he points out. And it's not the first time that the Catalan has gone through a television break. “Very little has happened. I had been stopped before, when it was over “There is tomato here.”

The one who was the presenter of Chinese stories He fired the program just three weeks after its first broadcast due to poor audience data. “Chinese stories I had few numbers to do well. We made a mistake in the design of the program,” it states. And he confesses: “For some I will always be two failures away from being a broken toy.”

“I have done therapy to accept sadness”

However, according to what he says, he still has a lot of war left to fight. And even more so now, that she is taking care of herself more than ever on a physical and mental level. “I have done therapy to accept sadness”he confesses in the interview.

Now he feels that it is “an achievement” to get into bed without having “any health problem”: “There came a time in my life when I was too crazy and that's why I decided to go to an addiction center. “I think it was the best idea I've had in many years.”

Jorge Javier and Telecinco

Jorge Javier Vázquez stopped appearing on Telecinco due to medical prescription at the end of May, weeks before the end of Save me. He returned in September with Chinese stories, but the result was disastrous. His tension with the leadership of Mediaset after his departure as CEO of Paolo Vasile at the end of last year has been more than evident, especially with Borja Prado, who has already presented his resignation as president of Mediaset España after the disastrous audience results. This will be effective from December 31.

It must be remembered that Jorge renewed his long-term contract with Mediaset in September 2022, which is why he remains linked to the house, which will now be in the hands of the CEO, Alessandro Salem. As we said, the one from Badalona will present one more year his reality star, Survivors.