Jorge Javier goes on the attack and ‘pricks’ Pablo Motos hours before their first face to face: “I saw you with Pantoja and it was not clear to me if he was going to go to his daughter’s wedding”

Jorge Javier Vázquez has decided to warm up the launch of Chinese Stories with an open letter to Pablo Motos, his rival on Antena 3, to stir up a confrontation that will experience its first round tonight.

The Telecinco presenter has shared a video, which Mediaset itself has also promoted on its social networks, directed at the presenter of El Hormiguero. “Dear Pablo, I’m your new neighbor, the one across the street. I’ve come to live with you, it’s just that you’ve been alone at that time of night for so many years,” he begins. “As Buenafuente said, people in our profession do not compete, we agree.”

Jorge Javier continues talking about the interviewees that each one will bring to their programs “Dear Pablo, I’m not stupid. I know that your house is majestic, but I’m going to make mine look gorgeous. Sometime we’ll agree to invite the same people and I’ll understand.” that they prefer to go to your house, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop inviting them. There is room for everyone and maybe some of them want to come and meet me.”

In his “open letter”, Jorge Javier throws some jabs at Motos. “I’m nervous because I’ve come to live in the elderly neighborhood, in front of you. Where politicians don’t call you on the phone but show up directly on the set. That’s why we put the program on Chinese stories. Although I tell you one thing, just as it has been for me, I prefer not to talk about politics,” says Jorge Javier. We must remember that The Anthill is a program that occasionally hosts interviews with political leaders.

But the biggest shock comes at the end of the statement. “Hey, Pablo, I saw you with Pantoja and it wasn’t clear to me if you were going to go to your daughter’s wedding or not. And since I’m the godfather, I wanted to go pick her up first at Cantora, but since she doesn’t pick up the phone, …”, Jorge Javier closes.