Jorge Javier, again on the charge against Ana Obregón: “You have a human being, not just another accessory in your life”

Jorge Javier Vazquez has become very critical of Ana Obregon and her decision to become a surrogate mother-grandmother, according to her, to comply with the last will of her son who died three years ago, Aless Lequio.

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In the program they consider whether the actress is doing all this to return to the front line of the media. They also criticize the constant publications of the protagonist of Ana and the 7 on Instagram about herself and the baby, born three weeks ago.

Jorge Javier thinks that Obregón is using the little girl Ana Lequio Obregón as an accessory: “From this program we must send him a message. And it is to remind him that what he has there is a human being, not an accessory, not just another accessory to his life.”

The one from Badalona thinks that Obregón has expressed the pain for the death of his son in the media, going beyond certain limits: “In the exhibition of her mourning, Ana Obregón has always been crossing the thin red line. But already, for a long time, the red line has destroyed it”.

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At the same time, he has compared Ana with Alessandro Lequio, who unlike her lives the duel from the discretion: “That is the pain that Alessandro Lequio is vindicating with all the need, who continuously sees the images of his son on television.” The Italian count bites his tongue as much as possible so as not to open a media war with Ana, but based on silences and few words he reveals everything he thinks about this matter. However, he prefers to be as cautious as possible to respect the memory of his deceased son.