Jorge Javier, about Ana Obregón’s girl: “It gives the impression that Lequio has been endorsed by a grandson”

Since about a month ago the surrogate motherhood of Ana Obregon, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has been very critical of the actress. This Wednesday, after the launch of the presenter’s book where he talks about her surprising decision, the one from Badalona has once again given her forceful opinion.

On the one hand, he has spoken of the last words of Alessandro Lequio, who has assured this Wednesday in his program that he likes children, but his own. “It gives the impression that Lequio has been endorsed by a grandson. As everything is developing…”, the presenter of Save meblunt.

Ana had the girl on March 20 in Miami, through a surrogate. Little Ana Sandra was gestated with the frozen semen of her deceased son. According to the protagonist of Ana and the 7to comply with the last wishes of the young entrepreneur, who passed away in May 2020 at the age of 27.

For Jorge, there is something in this story that they have not yet told us: “There is something that escapes us, what is missing to fit the whole puzzle. And I think that Lequio could have that piece and that it does not fit at all with what Ana Obregón is moving us. I have never seen the image of a happy grandfather, “he has sentenced.

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In recent weeks, Lequio has given a few brief statements on his program that have been interpreted in a thousand ways. This Monday, he launched a desperate request: “Out of respect for my principle of silence, I need to not speak anymore. Although in recent days I have made some specific comment due to the pressure I have felt, my wish is not to do so. Everything I say I want do it in the privacy of my family, which is important to me”.