Jorge Bárcenas stands up for Victoria Federica after her latest altercations: “It’s not easy to manage”

Victoria Federica He is not going through his best moment with the press due to his notorious clashes in his latest events, as well as the famous controversy with the magazine Fearless. Due to these scenarios, the daughter of Jaime Marichalar live a complicated moment and Jorge Barcenasher ex for two years, excuses the behavior of the daughter of the Infanta Elena.

The former Victoria Federica has reappeared this Friday at the presentation of the new Corte Inglés campaign. Currently, the young man is immersed in his work as a DJ and away from the press. However, he still continues to monopolize the spotlight. “It is a stage that I remember in a super nice way and we have a very good relationship. We have handled it in the best way it can be handled because I believe that in the end no one is prepared for something like that. So, I believe that with education, respect for you and well, one more stage of my life,” Bárcenas said when asked about his relationship with his sister. Froilan.

Regarding the information that indicates that the granddaughter of the King Juan Carlos She is an arrogant and rude person, Bárcenas defends that “it must not be easy for anyone to manage something like this, in the end it is a lot of pressure, but she is a super educated girl, a charming girl and woman,” he says.

Very discreet, however, the DJ has avoided commenting on Victoria’s absence at Princess Leonor’s 18th birthday, with whom he has fueled the rumors of estrangement with Felipe VI: “Look, the truth is that I have nothing to say about his family. I don’t know anything, these are things that I have never gotten involved in, nor am I going to get involved in,” he concluded.

Controversy with Fearless magazine

The director of the medium, Katalina Mikhailovaexplains that they wanted to honor the right-hander and contacted the agency María García de Jaime y Tomas Paramo to accompany him in the report for free: “We never pay the characters.” Not only did they accept the offer but they added Victoria Federica to the ‘pack’, a very good friend of the three and also represented in the same agency. None of the parties signed any contract, just an exchange of emails in which they willingly agreed to participate in the tribute to Roca Rey without receiving any remuneration.

And so far, so good. The surprise came when Vic’s agency and his friends saw that Fearless had put them on the cover (there are actually two, one of Roca Rey alone and another with the four of them). They claim that they had agreed to appear only inside the publication and demand that Fearless pay them 30,000 euros (10,000 euros per head) for the ‘work’ of these “three talents.” Mikhailova’s response is blunt: “she is in the hands of the lawyers.” She also states that there is an intention to start a “media war” by the agency. I’m Olivia and assures: “This means putting characters on the cover who don’t deserve it.”