Jordi González returns to TVE this Sunday after a difficult week with his health and with the hope of saving DCorazón

Didn’t show up. Last weekend, Jordi González, 61 years old, did not sit at the DCazón plate. She was Anne Igartiburu the one who presented the program alone. There were no explanations or even a comment about the whereabouts of the Catalan presenter. But, as you have learned Informalia, Jordi has had a delicate week of health. On Friday he started to feel bad and even had to go to the hospital. Fortunately, everything turned out to be a scare and this Saturday, he sits down again on the Prado del Rey set.

Fully recovered, Jordi will once again take charge of the space with Anne and together they will try to lift a ship that is practically on the verge of sinking. Perhaps nerves and stress are playing tricks on the Catalan. As we already mentioned in Informalia, D Corazón’s days are numbered. It is certain that, at least, the season will end in July and it is not certain that he will return. The low audience, which has barely reached 7% on some occasions, does not help its continuity. And the break that will suffer froml July 27 for the Olympics makes his return difficult. In fact, on Spanish Television everyone speculates about his disappearance at that moment after almost 30 years on air. However, we are not aware that there is any space designed to cover that gap unless they ran repetitions until the beginning of the News.

The deterioration that the program has suffered worries Jordi, more than Anne. The Basque has her professional niche made outside of TV, but the Catalan cannot chain more failures at the end of his career. Square It was a nonsense that only lasted a few weeks on the air and the only thing that would remain, Blood Ties, is not certain to save him from discredit either. Thus, Jordi tries to “save” DCorazón and, after speaking with his superiors, there are surely changes among the collaborators. “And some surprise signings,” they tell us. We will see if this way the ship of the heart manages to rise and stay a little longer.