Jordi González, his pact with Vasile, why he doesn't watch 'GH VIP' and his new program with Anne Igartiburu: “I haven't spoken to her in 17 years”

Jordi González has gone from being one of the most popular faces of Mediaset to being part of the new strategy of TVE, precisely the network where he started his career almost 40 years ago. In January he will present the new Corazón, with Anne Igartiburu, as reported exclusively by Informalia. The Catalan, however, says that he barely has any information about this new program that the public has commissioned him to do and that he has not even spoken to the person he is going to be his partner. “I haven't spoken to Anne Igartiburu in 17 years.”

What assessment do you make of your first months at TVE?

I'm fine. Glad. I had not imagined closing a professional cycle where I started, but it has happened and I am excited. They work very well on TVE, with other methods and other means than the private ones.

Has it given you a new life?

It has given me a new place to work.

You look comfortable in Blood Ties…

It is a format that I like and the people who do it work hard. I defend the work of many people who have been working on a program for days.

Was there an opportunity to continue at Mediaset? You disappeared for a year and then you came to TVE… How did that change come about?

I made an agreement with Paolo Vasile, when he was the CEO of Mediaset and was in charge of everything, a sabbatical year, in 2022. He respected it, I did it and I got paid. When that year ended, I no longer had a contract with Mediaset, but I had committed to Paolo to talk when I returned. When I returned, he had already left and I was back in the market. My personal commitment was to Paolo, I wanted to give him priority because of that agreement we had had.

Why did you take a gap year?

Because I started on TV in 1985 and I have been working always, always, always. I needed to stop. You imagine that during that time you are going to travel to Japan, learn to cook, improve your English… but I didn't do anything I had planned. It flew by me.

How do you see Mediaset from the outside? Do you watch GH VIP?

No, I do not care. How do I watch Mediaset? With the will and intention of restyling a television model that has connected with many people for 15 years. How does she do it? The best she can. I assure you that no Mediaset program begins with the intention of shit it…they all arrive with the intention of staying on the grid for years.

They are little by little working and achieving results and I am happy, because they are people with whom I have cut teeth for 25 years. How can I not be happy that Ana Rosa wins a point! Well of course.

Now you are going to present the new Heart…

I'm starting a program in January. I don't know if the one on the strip Heartbut I promise you that I have no idea if it will be at noon, in the afternoon, The goose game…I know it doesn't seem like it, but it is like that. I don't know yet and I haven't signed the contract.

Have you even spoken to Anne Igartiburu?

I haven't spoken to Anne in 17 years.

But you do know that I know a program from the heart…

I do not know. I hope it's not a football program… I want it to be live, a journalistic program, debate.

Is it going to have something to do with La Plaza? Because there was also talk of recovering it for the weekend.

Man, Square is not the great success of 2023… This guy who has presented a program that has not worked for a week and a half, you can insist on giving that program other content or take the guy who has been presenting programs all his life and let him do other. Maybe it turns out better, right?