Jordi González dragged the Election News into the abyss: third option on Sunday and a million fewer viewers than Antena 3

The situation in the renewed News News shows no signs of improvement after the surprise of the Telecinco News thanks to the push of Chain reaction in the evening ones and the debacle of the midday edition of the weekend on account of the poor inheritance that he leaves them D Heart.

The magazine led by Jordi González and Anne Igartiburu obtained this important Sunday (European elections) a regrettable 5.4% sharewhich dragged the Weekend News from 3:00 p.m. to a humiliating 7.8% share. Lara Siscar and Igor Gómez suffer the consequences of being preceded by a program that the audience rejects: they averaged just 782,000 viewers on election day, which was surpassed by almost a million viewers by Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo on Antena 3.

Antena 3 Noticias achieved 1,738,000 viewers and a 17.6% share, and David Cantero, Pepe Ribagorda and Leticia Iglesias on Telecinco were second in the slot with more than 150,000 more viewers than the public channel (by obtaining 943,000 followers and a 9 .5% share).

TVE cannot justify its terrible Sunday results due to Carlos Alcaraz’s victory at Roland Garros, since tennis was competing against all the news programs from DMax (which achieved 1,334,000 viewers and a superb 13.1% share between 3:13 p.m. and 7:32 p.m.) and Eurosport.

The collapse of the midday edition of Newscast He was accompanied on the public’s Black Sunday, which marked discreet results with his nightly electoral special. Europa Decide It was surpassed by La Sexta by settling for 8.3% in its first section and 7.4% in its second block.

High costs, bad reviews

Sources from the USO union denounce Informalia that the persistence of failures like D Heart contribute to the situation of ungovernability suffered by RTVEwhose presidency is interim in the hands of Concepción Cascajosa and the Contents in those of Ana María Bordas (former right hand of José Pablo López).

D Heart almost triples the cost of its predecessor (the classic and friendly Heart), since RTVE signed a contract of 2,923,138 euros for 48 programs (which implies that each delivery involves a disbursement of 60,898.72 euros, 12,429.99 of them for external resources such as paying collaborators such as Terelu Campos, Alba Carrillo, Carmen Lomana, Sofía Cristo, Pelayo Díaz or Valeria Vegas.

The criticism about the drift of the format is terrible despite the promise made by the former president of RTVE Elena Sánchez. “The objectives of the new D Heart are to build a format that, every Saturday and Sunday before Newscast at 3:00 p.m., tell in an entertaining way the national and international news of each week’s social chronicle, always under the principles of public television: rigorous, impartial, respectful, plural and diverse information,” he assured.

Program reruns and Heart As always, the two offers that previously occupied the space on the grid invaded by Jordi González (who charges almost 2,000 euros for his hour as presenter) were not only much cheaper: they exceeded 8% share. The gossip part was much more effective, with its succession of social chronicle videos and the insipid but classic introductions of Anne Igartiburu.

This shortened (started lasting an hour and a half) relay It sinks around 5% despite the fact that Elena Sánchez set its objective at 8% share.

Jordi González earns more than Anne Igartiburu

Jordi González will be in charge of the new season of Blood ties as a reward for his skids con Square of La 1, which sank in the autumn afternoons and was withdrawn after just 8 deliveries, and the new D Heart.

Public sources assure that the former Mediaset star bypasses his bosses D Heart and interacts with the RTVE leadership, which allows him to do and undo despite the controversies and failures he accumulates.

To make matters worse, Jordi González charges more to present D Heart that his partner Anne Igartiburu, face of TVE for more than 25 years. While the Catalan pocketed 1,900 euros per delivery, the Basque ‘only’ received 1,750.

It is not the first time that Jordi González receives a bull from RTVE

Informalia He already said that Spanish Television benefited Jordi González by paying him a quarter of a century ago for not working, and did so through the company Microproducciones, of which the presenter is a partner.

This was reported by the Treasury Intervention in RTVE corresponding to the financial years of 2000 and 2001, which uncovered the multiple deficiencies in the clauses of a contract signed in 1999 that contemplated two years of exclusivity.

Jordi González barely worked for the public between January and April 2000, since The escalator It was shipwrecked because only 8 deliveries were issued. That format in prime time had a gray 15% share at that time, which was 9.5 points below the La 1 average.

The Treasury confirmed that the public paid the Microproducciones factory a total of 2,437,603 euros “without any consideration”, of which 1,064,292 correspond to the second of the aforementioned financial years.

The change of Pío Cabanillas for Javier González Ferrari at the head of RTVE condemned him to ostracism on television, but he was still able to remain on the radio at the state level on Radio 1 and at the regional level with the Catalan Ràdio 4. The Treasury report reported that Jordi González’s remuneration was “higher than that of other professionals with equivalent benefits”.