Jordi Cruz sentences Íñigo Onieva with just eight words: this is how the chef defends Tamara Falcó

The chemistry that arose between Jordi Cruz y Tamara Falco in Masterchef 2019 He left the spectators wanting that after the contest something more than a friendship between the two would emerge. However, everything remained in the peaks, in a joking tone, that occurred in the kitchens of TVE. They barely maintain contact to this day, but the affection that the chef has for the Marchioness of Griñón remains intact.

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So much so that Cruz has spoken about the stormy breakup of Isabel Preysler’s daughter and Inigo Onieva: “I haven’t talked to her, but my goal is for her to be happy,” she confessed in an interview on lectures. With just eight words, the Catalan sentenced the car designer: “This road [el de Tamara tras la ruptura] It’s better than the one I was wearing.”

Since Tamara and the businessman of the night began their relationship in 2020, the rumors about alleged infidelities on his part were constant. However, she Tamara believed him and ignored the press on several occasions. Everything was blown up on September 23, one day after the announcement of the engagementwhen the video of Íñigo kissing another woman in Florida was released.

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Despite Onieva’s regrets and attempts to win her back, Tamara has broken all the ties that bound her to him. The two lived together in the Madrid neighborhood of La Justicia and, after the breakup of the engagement, the two took things out of the house. Íñigo has moved into a flat on Madrid’s Golden Mile, one of the most exclusive areas of the capital.