Jonatan Garca leaves Txikon's expedition at Everest after falling down a 12-meter crack



He has a hard time breathing and has some broken ribs so a ransom has been requested for evacuation

Jonatan Garca and Txikon, on their expedition to Everest.
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The Basque mountaineer Jonatan Garca, based in Benasque (Huesca), which was part of the AX Road to Himalaya expedition, led by Alex Txikon, has had to be evacuated due to the blows suffered by falling into a crack. They ensure that the team has lost the strongest prop to reach the goal: the first winter without oxygen to Everest.

Txikon and Jonatan left the base camp this Sunday after lunch and an hour later they were in the area where they set the stairs. According to Txikon's own account, “when we were working we heard a rumble and the ice bridge we were on has given way and Jonatan has rushed into the crevasse. When the silence has been made, I have seen it hanging at about 12 meters deep, thankfully the Petzl Microtraxion was in the harness and then Jonatan saw the light again. We have requested a ransom, since it is difficult for him to breathe and he has a minimum of cracks a couple of ribs“.

Add that “everything has been in a big scare and hopefully tomorrow to be in Kathmand, but it is a great loss for the team. Jonatan has made an enormous effort in Ama Dablam, where he gave everything despite taking the “fair” feet of cold. He has shown unwavering motivation and strength when acting. Now he is resting and is well, although in pain. “

Triple winter expedition

The triple winter expedition of lex Txikon has taken him to Antarctica and Ama Dablam before arriving at Everest, where he arrived on January 31. They completed the acclimatization phase reaching the summit of Ama Dablam (6,858 m) and, from there, the team moves to Everest base camp on a couple of trips. On January 30, they were Jonatan Garca, Oscar Cardo, Eneko Garamendi and Sergio Prez.

Lex Txikon joined his peers in the base camp on January 31 to begin work on the normal route of the south face, which had already begun their sherpas in early January.

The expedition must overcome the loss of Jonatan Garca, as they have no time to lose if they want to opt for a summit before the end of winter, next March 20. At that time they must first reach field 2, in the valley of Silence, about 6,400 m; then field 3, in the Wall of the Lhotse, between 7,100 and 7,300 m; and field 4, in the South Collado (8,000 m). From where the summit of the roof of the world is assaulted, at 8,848 m.

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