Joma’s Top Fireball, official ball for the next season of the First and Second RFEF Futsal


The sports brand Joma has presented the official RFEF futsal ball, Top Fireball, with which the Regular League and the play-off for the next 2022-23 season will be played in the First RFEF for men and women and the Second RFEF Futsal.

The ball is an evolution of the previous Top models and has a striking design that mixes the colors red, coral and yellow. It also includes black details and white triangles.

However, when the ball is rolled, the white and black disappear and the rest merges into a deep red that makes it resemble a ball of fire, which gives it its name. This set of colors gives a greater sense of impact and accompanies the power that characterizes the Top models.

As for the technical characteristics, the official Top Fireball ball is made with the highest quality resistant material on the outside to make it a durable ball. The outer layer is made up of 20 heat-sealed panels that provide resistance and on which a reflective print is applied to improve visibility in any field. In addition, the rebound capacity has been prioritized to give each hit the best impulse.

Inside it includes five overlapping layers with different functions. In this way, a ball worthy of professional football with the FIFA seal and quality has been achieved.