Johnny Depp plays tough and admits that not everyone likes him, neither “in Cannes” nor “in a MacDonalds”

40 minutes late. Johnny Depp has arrived at the presentation of the film Jeanne du Barry in Cannes when the press conference was in full swing. She has posed for photographers with French director Maiwenn. For the actor, his passage through the Croisette was very delicate. He had aroused a great controversy. It was this Wednesday May 17 and these are the details.

“I don’t care about Hollywood, I don’t need Hollywood”. This is how resounding and angry Johnny Depp has expressed himself at the festival when he has been asked about the possible boycott that he is suffering from the industry in his country. For the actor, this visit marks his first major public appearance after closing the trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accused him of mistreatment.

In addition, looming over him was the campaign launched by defenders of Amber Heard, who are calling for the closure of the Cannes Film Festival for inviting Depp and for “celebrating abusers for 76 years” (referring to Polanski and Depardieu).

Faced with these comments, the actor has admitted that he is not always welcome and that his person is going to raise criticism from people who are not happy with his presence, whether in Cannes or at a McDonald’s: “What would happen if one day I didn’t are allowed into a McDonald’s forever because there are angry people staring at me for eating a Big Mac? Who are they? What do they care?”