Joe Biden confesses that he is “very worried” about Charles III and alarm bells go off: what type of cancer does the king have?

The announcement of the disease Charles III has left numerous unknowns in the air. And Buckingham Palace gives one piece of advice: it confirms that the monarch suffers from cancer but It does not specify what type it is or what stage it is in.. A few days ago the king underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate and it was precisely the postoperative tests that uncovered the disease which, however, does not affect the prostate.

From Casa Real they boast of transparency to raise awareness among the population about the importance of having check-ups and preventing the disease, but they hide certain details alluding to the monarch's privacy. Thus they slip that this Monday “the treatment has begun” but they do not specify what it consists of.

They also do not talk about the time that he will stay away from public events and play at 'misdirection' with two statements: that will keep his office work behind closed doors and? None of his royal advisers (Queen Camilla, Prince William and Princes Edward and Anne) have been mobilized to officially replace him.suggesting that the decline will not be too long.

Harry's visit and Joe Biden's concern

However, other data contradicts the optimism transmitted from Buckingham Palace. First, Prince Harry's trip to London in the coming days. Carlos III himself called his son to personally inform her of the diagnosis despite the disagreements and the distance that he maintains with the family. The Duke of Sussex's reaction has been that of a worried son who leaves everything to be with his father at a difficult time.

On the other hand, the North American president responded with astonishing sincerity when asked about the news: “I am very concerned,” said Joe Biden this Monday to the press.

The one who has been calm, in line with Buckingham Palace, has been the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak: “Wishing His Majesty a speedy and complete recovery. I have no doubt that he will regain all his strength in a short time and I know that the whole country will wish him the best.