Joaquín Torres’s tremendous anger with Tamara Falcó after his split: “If he doesn’t like the penthouse, he should sell it”

Tamara Falco He claimed not to feel completely comfortable with the one and a half million euro penthouse that he is about to open next to Inigo Onieva: “The house is very modern, because it is all glass and it is made so that you can be seen from all sides of the house. It is very beautiful on plan, but perhaps for me it is not the best of all,” he lamented. The words of the Marchioness of Griñón have generated controversy, to the point that Joaquin Torreswho was in charge of designing the penthouse, has commented on the matter.

“She disqualifies herself, because she has not known how to interpret what the plan was like. Nothing offends me,” she said to Socialite this weekend. The famous architect also described his attitude as “childish and childish.” He also called her “daring.”

At the same time, he defended his work tooth and nail: “That is truly stupid. If it is heavily glazed, it will be so that you can see from the inside out, not from the outside in. During the day, you can see a black cloth. “You can’t see anything. If you want to live in an isolated way, you don’t go to a block of flats and buy the penthouse that is attached to two more penthouses.”

Raúl Prieto’s husband added: “I assume that many people don’t like my architecture and that to like this type of architecture you have to have aesthetic, artistic and architectural criteria that this girl doesn’t have. She doesn’t like modern architecture, “He doesn’t like modern art.”

On the other hand, Tamara’s words in public have also surprised him since the feedback he received from her was not the same: “It was just the opposite, she congratulated me.” And she sentenced with a very direct dart: “When the house was handed over to her, she made a presentation with all the media and expressed that she liked it. If she doesn’t like that she sells it… They will surely give her a lot of money.”

Tamara Falcó’s attic

Tamara took a big step in 2020 when a penthouse worth one and a half million euros was purchased as a project in Puerta de Hierro, near mother Isabel’s house. After marrying the Madrid businessman in July of this year, the house was not yet ready because the marchioness decided to renovate it to make it completely to her liking.

Kronos Homes was the developer in charge of constructing the building where Tamara bought the penthouse. The CEO of the real estate company, Said Hejal, gave an interview a few days ago in which he clarified certain unknowns. When asked if they gave the penthouse to Carlos Falcó’s daughter for promotion, she responded: “We don’t give anything away. If we start giving away I will have to change business,” she said in The country.

The question was not unreasonable, since Falcó has even participated in promotional events for this high-end real estate agency. Even the company itself has a link related to Tami’s attic as the first access to its website.

The penthouse, with an avant-garde design, has three bathrooms, four bedrooms and two terraces totaling 186 square meters. One of them also has a swimming pool. The rooms have great light thanks to their huge windows.