Joaquín Torres responds to Mar Flores’ lawsuit for calling her a “courtesan”: “It causes me rejection as a woman and as a human being”

Sea Flowers is on the warpath against Joaquin Torres and takes legal action with a fourteen-page lawsuit against the architect. A lawsuit that arises from some statements that Torres made during the funeral of Fernández Tapias in October of last year: “He deserves all my rejection. She is a terrible opportunist, she does harm just to do it. Every man she is with, she rides her. She made fun of him in magazines. “If there is a profile of a courtesan in this country, it is Mar Flores.”, he said at that time. Precisely, the qualification of “courtesan” is what has led the former model to sue the architect, “for expressing derogatory and degrading value judgments, which cannot fit into freedom of expression,” according to the complaint.

It is worth remembering that the former wife of Carlo Costanzia and Fernández Tapias had a relationship in the nineties, which is why the former model wanted to dedicate a few farewell words to him after his death and throw a dart at the businessman’s family: “We resumed our friendship until a little over a year and a half ago when they cut off communication”, he assured. Some words that did not sit well with the shipowner’s entourage, especially with his friend Joaquín Torres.

The darts that Torres launched against Flores have led Alejandra Rubio’s mother-in-law to sue the former television talk show host for violating her right to honor: “Doña Mar Flores Caballero has suffered illegitimate interference in her right to honor due to the statements made public by the defendant. […] Calling Mar Flores ‘courtesan’ in this country already goes beyond what is tolerable.”. Furthermore, Mar’s lawyers assure that they do not understand the architect’s “resentment” against the former model: “My client does not have the slightest relationship with the defendant, since he is a person he does not even know and with whom he has never exchanged a word”collects the complaint.

Thus, Mar Flores requests that the architect pay an amount of 15,000 euros: “She demands that amount from him for having said that word, which we all know what it is synonymous with. But it has many meanings in the dictionary and this is what has caused the conflict”they said this Tuesday in And now Sonsoles.

For his part, Joaquín Torres explained in his defense brief that he was referring to other meanings of the word and reiterated this in a live call: “I don’t think my connotation refers to something sexual. For him to tell me that he doesn’t know me when he came to see my parents’ house to buy it seems cynical to me. It is a comment I make using my freedom of expression and about a public person who has made a public comment at another person’s sensitive moment. She was disrespectful with her statements and I reiterate everything she said and what I think about her. “She causes me rejection as a woman and as a human being.”Torres defended himself. Furthermore, he highlighted that if he had wanted to disqualify Mar Flores he would have used other types of expressions: “If she sees that as a problem, she will have some kind of complex. She didn’t want forgiveness, she went directly after me with a lawsuit.”.