Joaquín Torres, relentless, pokes Mustache Arrocet: “This man was anchored in María Teresa’s house”

“Let him say that he did not know that María Teresa Campos was wrong… She was subject to this man.” This is how Joaquín Torres’ incendiary speech about Mustache Arrocet begins. The architect gives a full-fledged romp to the man who was María Teresa’s boyfriend between 2012 and 2019 and who had just entered the office by phone Public mirror.

“I’m Joaquín Torres, you sent me your paintings to sell them,” the architect started, questioning Arrocet. “Each person can think what they want, but you are wrong, I know the truth,” the comedian defended himself before Torres.

Mustache has recounted his version of the courtship with María Teresa: “I had an immense affection for her. In the six years that we were together we were very happy.”

They have asked the comedian if he would apologize for the lack of love that the dear presenter experienced and the Argentine-Chilean has not been cut: “No, no, the one who should have apologized is her to me, not me to her. In my I always remember her fondly”.

“He had the whole house at his service”

At these words, Torres has taken a run: “This man did not make him happy”, he has come out in defense of María Teresa. “At first she was hooked on him, but I can guarantee that that changed shortly after. This man was anchored to his house. He made his house his own, the whole house was at his service and she was very uncomfortable and felt mistreated by this man. I have lived it. That he was not with her, she did not feel loved. The daughters have been exemplary and have respected the relationship until the end. Let her say that she has resentment with them… It is cynical c…” .