Joaquín Torres, devastated, talks about his crisis with Raúl Prieto: “I love him very much but he can’t give me more”

The architect, 53 years old, is going through one of the hardest moments of his life. After suffering a traffic accident that caused several fractures from which he has not yet recovered, on March 2 he had to say goodbye to his mother, Joaquina, who died after a long illness. The death of the matriarch revealed an economic problem that has led to Joaquin Torres to confront one of his brothers, whom he accuses of having stolen from his parents: “He left them destitute.” All these problems have plunged the Catalan into a depression that has also affected his marriage with Raul Prietowhom she married in May 2023: “I love him very much but first I have to heal.”

Through tears, Torres confessed to Sonsoles Ónega this Thursday that the director of Survivors (before in Save me) has been your greatest support these months, but even that is not enough: “He can’t give me more, he has given me everything, but I am not well and I have to heal”. And he added: “Raúl is the love of my life, but when things don’t work out properly…”. And adds: “We are having a hard time as a couple.”

“I have been left empty, I only have hatred left”

The architect is devastated: “I am very sad, very sad. I have been left empty. And I have a lot of hate. I am treating myself with a psychiatrist, but I have a lot of hate”. And he added: “I don’t want to be hating all day, I’m working on it. I can’t live with hate because I know that it penetrates the body and I’m going to have an illness.”

Torres is very recently wounded by the death of her mother: “She knew she was dying and decided to leave last Wednesday because the pain was tremendous. How does a mother live when her son sues her and asks for three years in prison?” counted. “On Friday he says goodbye to all of us and tells us not to call Julio because he wants to die in peace. He died on Saturday drowning in his own saliva, with cries of pain, and I don’t want to stay with that.”

The problem with her brother Julio goes back a long way: “Three years ago, she asked me for help when she died. She told me that they didn’t even have enough to eat and from then on a melon opened up, because I offered to help them manage their assets and My brother said it was all his. My father was a partner of Florentino Pérez and sells a package on the stock market for more than 12,000 million pesetas. Today, Florentino’s assets are 1,900 million euros. If my father had had the money in the bank, I would now have a similar amount. It was not bad management. They were deceived,” he said. “My mother was ashamed to say that they didn’t have enough to eat. She didn’t want to tell anyone that her son had stolen from her and had asked them to go to jail. It seemed terrible to me.”

The architect claims that his brother kept everything and that he tried to reach an agreement with him without success. Now, he just wants to fulfill his mother’s last wish: “He asked me to go to the end, to recover his assets among his children, to not allow Julio to keep everything”. With the help of his father, they are achieving it: “He has already removed him as sole administrator and we have recovered some companies,” he said.