Joaquín Torres confirms that Tamara Falcó has asked for forgiveness after the drama with her penthouse

Tamara Falco has reconsidered. The Marchioness of Griñón was complaining a few days ago about the penthouse to which she will move in the exclusive neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, in Madrid, which architect Joaquín Torres did not like at all. However, as she anticipated Informalia, both recently had a conversation in which the aristocrat corrected herself. Torres spoke this Wednesday on the issue, which seems to have already been resolved.

“You don’t have to like the house. Hasn’t it ever happened to anyone to buy something and get home and it’s not what you thought? It doesn’t matter at all, it’s settled and more than settled,” the architect explained to Europa Press. He coincided at the La Paz funeral home with Isabel Preyslerwho, like him, wanted to console Nuria González and her entourage for the death of the businessman Fernando Fernandez Tapias. There they had a talk about the attic.

“She approached me and she is charming. We talked, she asked me for forgiveness. Isabel is pure correctness. She told me that Tamara was very like that,” he noted, and acknowledged that the matter was not that serious: “It has no importance.” “Any of us make a comment like that and it doesn’t matter at all.”

The architect confirmed that Falcó had sent him a message to apologize. “Isabel is charming. ‘She told me that she sent you a message yesterday,’ she told me. I told her that ‘there is no problem, you have my full support and whatever may seem like an inconvenience can be resolved,'” he celebrated.

Torres has taken note of the requests of Carlos Falcó’s daughter to help her with everything she needs: “I told her about some products for glass with which you can see and not be seen. For everything that worries you, what “Call me and I’ll help you solve it. There’s no problem.”

After the disappointment he felt about the aristocrat’s initial position, the architect is comforted by “the generosity” that she showed him this week. “You don’t have to like the house. Hasn’t it ever happened to anyone that you buy a house, you arrive and it’s not what you expected? It doesn’t matter at all. [La polémica] It is settled and more than settled,” he stated.

After the storm comes the calm

The architect’s words come after the collaborator of The anthill said in the program that the house “is very modern”, but that “it is made so that you can see it from all sides. “It is very beautiful on plan, but I think that for me it is not the best idea,” he added, provoking shortly after, Torres’ reaction: “This house requires aesthetic criteria, and this girl doesn’t have it. […] You have bought a product and made a mistake. Don’t like your attic? Let him sell it.”

However, the architect seemed more relaxed in his conversation with this medium. He said that he had not been offended by Falcó’s opinions, since he had built for the Kronos company according to his usual style and they should be the ones who were angry about the comments, since they have given exceptional facilities to the buyer so that will remodel the apartment to your liking. The marchioness made two renovations and changed the floor, given by Porcelanosa, among other modifications.