Joaquín Prat talks about Doña Letizia’s back: “Stronger than vinegar”

The Queen’s back has been the joke on TV. The ink blue dress by Miphai, which Doña Letizia wore at the opening of the lyrical season at the Teatro Real in Madrid, has given a lot of play in the Fresh of it’s already noon. What if the muscles, what if the toned arms…

Joaquín Prat has put the focus of the act of the Kings on Letizia’s styling: “Once again she became the news herself. She wore a dress that exposed her back.” Without finding other words, Prat has released a spontaneous “the queen is stronger than vinegar”. The presenter continued speaking of the “apparently discreet dress” with the surprise of the low back and pointed out: “Such a physique is achieved with constant exercise and healthy eating and a flexitarian diet.” He has martyred that her muscles “are called rhomboids.”

Turning around the Queen’s numbers, Isabel Rábago has dropped a personal “I don’t like it” and has fully entered into the etiquette that marks an opera premiere in the lyrical temple of the capital. Marta López has defended that “with that dress you can wear a bra”. She is not exclusive, she has come to say. With this same credit, Rábago, on the dress code of the event, has launched an unfortunate “if you have operated boobs you can”.