Joaquín Cortés, admitted to the hospital after losing consciousness: “I was playing with my children and I fainted”

The dancer Joaquin Cortes, 54 years old, is admitted to a hospital in Madrid. “I began to be quite ill, I had a chest cough, tiredness, headache,” he has published on his networks. Despite showing fatigue, he rehearsed and danced at the Teatro Real in Madrid and at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. “They are doing cardiology, neurology and pulmonology tests. I am on antibiotics and oxygen,” he explained from the bed of the Madrid public center.

The Cordovan artist relates it like this: “A few days ago, taking my son Romeo to school, I began to cough and I was stunned while driving, I was scared, but it passed. The other day I arrived in Madrid from the press conference in San Sebastián and when I came home from the airport, I started coughing again, but this time I had to ask Mónica Moreno to take the wheel for me because suddenly I couldn’t see anything. Moni took the wheel in the middle of a curve. Thank goodness. They went moments of anguish, but they only lasted seconds, minutes.” Cortés adds: “A few days ago I was playing with my children and I fainted.”

After these episodes and due to fatigue, he was admitted to the hospital through the emergency department “with very low blood oxygen saturation.” The Cordovan, via Instagram, tells that they are doing tests: “They are going to do a bronchoscopy and then they are going to put a holder on me. I thank each professional of each specialty to know the origin of the syncopes.”

Cortés was on tour with his show Essence. After passing through Madrid and Barcelona, ​​he planned to continue through America, before touring other continents.