Joaquín breaks a new record

Joaquin has become this Sunday the first player in the history of the Real Betis to play a First Division match in Heliopolis At the age of 39, the age that the portuense reached on July 21, five days after the last home game last season against him Alaves.

Joaquín also played his 377th league match with Real Betis today (between Primera and Segunda), one of the record set by José Ramón Esnaola (378), who until recently was the oldest player to play for Betis in Primera , which he did with 38 years and 9 months in April 1985.

The oldest outfield player to play for Betis in Primera was Rafael Gordillo, 38 years and 2 months old, from April 1995, until Joaquín beat his mark in September of last year.

The oldest player to play with the Real Betis elastic is Ángel Martín Rodríguez (Saro), born on March 1, 1909 in Valladolid and who retired after playing with Betis in Tercera at the age of 40, at the end of the 1948 season. / 49. Saro played five campaigns at Arenas de Getxo before joining Betis in the 1933/34 season and was a key player in the team that won the league title in the 1934/35 season.

Saro played with Betis in First with 34 years of age, in Second with 38 and in Third with 40. On March 27, 1949 a match was held in honor of him when he completed 17 seasons at Real Betis, just before his retirement. An Andalusian team was measured against a Sevilla-Betis team, where, among others, the Sevilla player Juan Arza played.