Joana Sanz denies having argued with Dani Alves in jail: “We have nothing to talk about money”

Joana Sanz returned this Sunday to the Brians 2 prison to visit her still husband, Dani Alves. It was the first time they had seen each other since the model announced their separation on March 15 with a heartbreaking letter.

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Carlos Quílez assured in the last hours that the Canary Islander would have met with the Brazilian soccer player to discuss the financial terms of their divorce. Despite the fact that they do not have children in common, the journalist explained that they would share properties and businesses that neither would be willing to give up.

Joana herself has denied this information on Tuesday through the journalist Leticia Requejo in Ana Rosa’s program. He has assured that she simply went to prison “to find out how she is, since it is a very complicated situation.” Something that, as she has advanced, she will continue to do whenever she can to worry about him: “There has been no discussion,” she stressed.

In this sense, he has clarified: “We have absolutely nothing to talk about money because we have separation of assets and we have nothing in common.” At the same time, he has explained that he does not want anything from him: “I have never needed anything from him. I have never wanted to leave my job to live from his. We have always had our things.”

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Although he has insisted that he has “never” depended on him “financially”, he has acknowledged that they talked about money when the scandal broke out. Thus, he asked the former Barça player to manage, through his lawyer, an apartment in Paris, where he had to fulfill a professional commitment. Finally, regarding the accusation of rape for which he is being investigated, she Joana has said: “I am not going to judge him, that is what justice is for.”