Joana Sanz confirms her break with Dani Alves through a heartbreaking letter written in her “handwriting”

Joana Sanz has confirmed this Wednesday his break with the Brazilian footballer Dani Alves, who has been incarcerated since January 20 without bail, accused of allegedly raping a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub during the early hours of December 30-31. The Tenerife model has shared a handwritten letter.

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“In my own handwriting. Since I was little I have written my feelings to express myself, I suppose because I am an only child. Whatever it is, it does me good. I would love that the lines written here were of love and happiness, but it is not the case “He says at the beginning of his letter.

This 2023 is being very complicated for Sanz. The alleged rape of her husband was added to the death of her mother from uterine cancer: “It’s been horrible months, not the hardest of my life, because I have faced many storms, but very dark and painful ones. The feeling of abandonment and loneliness leads to knocking on my door. Thousands of whys without an answer“.

The model still does not assimilate what happened: “I chose as a life partner a person who in my eyes was perfect. He was always there when I needed him the most, he always supported me in everything, he always encouraged me to grow, always affectionate, attentive… It’s so hard for me to accept that that person could break me into a thousand pieces“.

Joana, who has gone to the Brians 2 prison on several occasions to visit him, tries to give herself the courage to face this ordeal: “I think it will take me a few years of life to get out of my memory the way he looked at me, that Way like I’m the most amazing thing in the world and fuck yeah I’m awesome. I am amazing because I am hardworking, independent, intelligent, thoughtful, affectionate, funny, faithful and human. So human that despite the damage she has caused me, I am still here next to her “.

Despite the reasons why she has cut with the former Barça player, she maintains that she is still in love with him: “I continue and will continue to be, but in another way. I love him and I will always love him. Whoever says that love is forgotten is self-deception or did not really love. But I love and respect myself and value myself much more. Forgiving relieves, so I stay with the magic and close a stage of my life that began on 05/18/2015“.

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Finally, he says: “I give thanks for the opportunities and learning that life gives me, no matter how difficult they are, here is a strong woman moving on to the next stage of her life“.

Sanz and Alves married in July 2017 after more than two years of relationship. They swore eternal love in Formentera, and surrounded by their closest people. A year earlier, in the spring of 2016, they said “I do” for the first time during a trip to Paris, but the wedding was not legal. The winger, who was fired from the Mexican Pumas after his arrest, is the father of two teenage children, Daniel y Victoriafruit of his first marriage with Dino Santana.