Joana Sanz, after the trial of her husband, Dani Alves: “I want to beat at a thousand per hour”

On February 6, Joana Sanz declared at her husband's trial, Dani Alves, accused of alleged rape. The Canarian model went to the Provincial Court accompanied by her husband's relatives, as well as the lawyers of both parties and the witnesses called to testify. She finally followed the line set by the defense to use alcohol as a mitigating factor for the crime committed. “It wasn't worth talking to him as he came. Better to leave it for the next day.”

This Wednesday, for Valentine's Day, Sanz wrote a reflection on his networks: “Life without love is so empty. There are many people I know who do not love and even who have never done so. They go around the world alone, covering shortcomings with their physical means without putting their heart into it. Friends with benefits, open relationships…”

For her, love is not valued enough: “It is no longer enough for anyone to share an entire life with the same person. Everything I see around me frustrates me and hardens me emotionally”. She also defined herself: “I was one of those people who loved beautifully and with all their being. One of those people who wake you up with kisses and caresses. One of those people whose best plan is to go to a place where the city is at their feet or where you can breathe the sea. “One of those people who pays attention to what you like to have a detail with you.”

In this sense, he added: “I don't make plans, I come up on the fly and maybe you'll have an attack when I tell you I'm arriving or we're leaving. The sunny days make me happy and when it rains, if you take me out dancing barefoot, you'll leave.” to realize how little I care about the rest. I love sleeping in my arms and there is nothing that gives me more peace than feeling them breathe on my hair. “I am about romantic love, about taking photos of you because I want to have them for when my memory already plays tricks on me or about writing notes to you with my feelings.”

This is how you want to feel: “I was, I am and I love. I unlock my badly wounded heart to remind you not to stop being romantic, because that's what makes it beat at a thousand per hour and damn, what a special feeling to leave it in oblivion”.

Since the former Barça winger entered prison more than a year ago under preventive detention, The model's position has been confusing. In March of last year he announced their separation, but later showed his support publicly. She has been married to the Brazilian soccer player since 2017. The trial was pending sentencing.