Jiménez Losantos points out the ways of Fernando Fernández Tapias: “He did not behave well with Nuria”

The death of Fernando Fernandez Tapias has brought to light, once again, the disagreements between the businessman’s eldest children (the five were born from his first two marriages) and his now widow, Nuria Gonzalez. However, there are those who also claim that the relationship between the businessman and his last wife was not the best, to the point that it emerged that they had not been married for more than ten years. In InformaliaIn addition, we have told details of his media relationship with Mar Flores or the special affection he felt for María José Suárez.

Federico Jiménez Losantos, for his part, has spoken about what the relationship between Fefé and his now widow was like: “If there is someone who has not publicly behaved well with Nuria, it is Fefé (…) Not once, not twice, not three times, but continuously,” he noted this Monday on his radio program.

Beatriz Cortazar has also followed her line: “Nuria is intelligent and knew perfectly well that Fernando was the worst in manners; Another thing is that he couldn’t live without her, especially in recent years. But that this man publicly…. He didn’t have very fine manners“. The journalist added: “Fefé was foul-mouthed and behaved badly with herand her merit is having endured him for twenty years (…) He was neither a diplomat nor one of those traveling couples.. He was a man with great intelligence who knew how to build an empire, but then He was a man of basic manners. To put it finely. He wasn’t refined or educated.”

Fernández Tapias married for the first time with Victoria Riva de Luna, Chiqui, daughter of an important shipowner and mother of his first four children (Fernando, Borja, Íñigo and Bosco, the latter, who died in 2010). Her second wedding was with Juana García Courelmother of two other children (Sandra and Juan Carlos), and that second divorce, in 1997, was one of the most ‘expensive’ in the history of Spain until then: 2,000 million pesetas (12 million euros) for her ex. woman, not counting real estate properties.

He had been with Nuria González, his third wife, for more than two decades but “in reality they had not been married for more than ten years,” according to the version of some relatives. This third marriage of Fefé came after her stormy affair with Mar Flores, who ended the major scandal on the cover of Interview in bed with Alessandro Lequio. That image of the Italian with the woman he loved, in the bed of a hotel in Rome, left Tapias devastated.

The death of the businessman at the age of 84 due to a heart attack last Wednesday, October 25, uncovered a family war that was believed to have been forgotten. The eldest children of Fernández Tapias (Fernando, Borja and Íñigo) were not well received at the funeral home because they tried to prevent them from entering the wake, without success. Yes, they achieved it at the cremation ceremony this Thursday. It must be remembered that they had not spoken to his father, especially since they sued him a few years ago to try to legally incapacitate him.