Jesús Yanes, Queen Letizia’s master jeweler, inaugurates his exhibition ‘Art of loving’

The master jeweler Jesús Yanes, a great innovator of this saga of goldsmiths with 160 years of history in memory, inaugurates the exhibition of his exclusive pieces at the Arte de Amar. The exhibition, valued at four million, opens its doors this Tuesday, September 12 to 17, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid (Alcalá, 13). Among the firm’s collaborators, Paloma Cuevas, who is also a friend of Cristina Yanes, daughter of the president. Among the royals who wear his pieces, Queen Letizia.

We spoke with Jesús Yanes, 90 years old, at the flag ship of this saga of jewelers and goldsmiths, at 27 Goya Street (Madrid). The president represents the renewal of the house and also permanence. He reminds us that his great-grandfather, Claudio Yanes, was a pioneer in his time when before dying he told his wife, Petra: “Open a store in Madrid.” And so they did. In 1881 the firm opened an establishment on the capital’s central Carmen Street. The takeoff of the firm begins and also its connection with the Royal House.

The president tells us that in those golden years they received an avalanche of commissions, among them, the jewelry for the wedding of Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia, in 1906.

Queen Letizia maintains that bond and has worn Yanes pieces on several occasions. “Maximum respect for her Majesties,” the president slips. A detail that Juan Yanes, son of Jesús and director of the firm, highlights: “she is committed to our industry.” In fact, a few days ago, in Pamplona, ​​Felipe VI’s wife wore some Yanes earrings. These are some pieces from the collection Alliances that unite us, made of white gold, diamonds and Australian pearls.

The Arte de amar collection, which is inaugurated now, is inspired by love and sexual diversity in all its dimensions, from human and divine to erotic love.