Jesús Ortiz, the father of Queen Letizia, against a well-known TVE presenter: “Ignorance”

The father of the Asturian consort was watching television this Monday when he saw something that did not please him at all. And so he made it known through X, the old Twitter, a social network in which he is very active.

Jesus Ortiz wrote: “Nothing to say to anyone who decides to cook some pochas with compango, onion, garlic, paprika and saffron by the handful. That's up to him or her.”. And he lamented: “But don't call that a fabada, please. And even less so from a TVE program. I don't know if it's gastronomic or cultural ignorance or both.”.

“I get nervous just reading you,” they replied. The father of Erika and Telma Ortiz sentenced: “Well, if you watch TV, your neurons will be strained.”.

The Asturian made reference to the program presented by Mónica López, Now or neverthe public entity's magazine that is broadcast daily from 2:10 p.m., before the Newscast 1. It is directed by Raquel Martos, Mario Caballero and Mónica López herself. From this space the natural, cultural, gastronomic, historical and artistic wealth of Spain is promoted.

“Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather”

On the other hand, it so happens that López was the presenter of The time of 1 when the label “Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather” was used, referring to the Princess of Asturias' move to Wales to study the International Baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College. A label for which the public entity apologized.

“We want to apologize publicly. As was said yesterday shortly after this error occurred, RTVE deeply regrets what happened and evidently maintains its commitment to respect for State institutions. In addition, those responsible have been relieved of their positions. of this mistake,” said Mónica López live.

TVE removed the scriptwriter Berni Barrachina, creator of the controversial label. However, Justice ruled in his favor, condemning the public broadcaster to compensate him and reinstate him.