Jesulín calls his mother to order so that she does not go on the tongue: the secret life of the Janeiro

A Jesus January It has bothered him a lot that his mother Carmen Bazan has confirmed to a journalist that her young son was secretly baptized. And he has called her to order to stop blabbing.

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The bullfighter imposed silence on his family so that they would not reveal information about his personal life and that of his wife, Maria Jose Campanario, he wants to be the one who pulls the strings and take advantage of certain situations to sell exclusives to his leading magazine, the one with the greeting. The matriarch broke the pact of silence, probably unintentionally, and when she realized her mistake, it was too late to correct it. There was not the slightest hint of malice or disturbing her son. It was out of sheer ignorance, or innocence, she was overpowered by her naivety.

What is strange is that the mother and son have not been seen together for a long time. Either they hide very well or they quote very little. Years ago, family gatherings were much more frequent. Gossip suggests that the appearance of Campanario in Jesulín’s life marks a before and after in relations between the Janeiro family. And not exactly for the better.

With so much secrecy, it is not known if the bullfighter’s eldest daughter, Andrea, was invited to the baptismal ceremony. Not if the daughter of Belén Esteban and Jesús maintains close contact with his mother, his wife and his brothers. There are no images that certify a normal family relationship.