Jerry Jones won’t say anything about the future of coach Dak Prescott, but his replacement is back Mike McCarthy.

Jerry Jones won’t say anything about the future of coach Dak Prescott, but his replacement is back Mike McCarthy.

Before the Cowboys’ 48–32 loss against the Green Bay Packers to the wild-card round of the playoffs on Sunday was over, there were rumors that coach Mike McCarthy might be fired.

Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, was standing outside of the locker room following the game.

Jones, who is 81 years old and has been in charge of the team for 28 seasons, wouldn’t say what could or could not occur with McCarthy.

McCarthy’s deal is still good for one more year. He has been with the Cowboys for four seasons and is 42-25.

During that time, they have won 12 games in a row three times and won the NFC East title in 2021 as well as 2023.

But he has only won one playoff game, and the Cowboys lost on Sunday when they had the chance to face two playoff games at AT&T Stadium beforehand a possible NFC Championship Game.

McCarthy said, “I think the most important thing is that we’re upset.” “There are hurt people on my team in the locker room.”

“I haven’t thought about what will happen after this game,” Jones said that he hasn’t got a meeting with McCarthy set.

“What I had planned to do was to spend time with him [Monday] going over the game we played [Sunday] to become ready for the coming week,” said Jones. The plan was for that to happen. My plan for Monday is to let the team go.”

The NFL has seven spots for head coaches. They are with the Tennessee Titans, the Las Vegas Raiders, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Washington Commanders, the Atlanta Falcons, the Carolina Panthers, and the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s also possible to hire famous teachers, like Bill Belichick, who claimed six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots.

QB Prescott and left center Tyler Smith were two of the Dallas players who stuck up for their coach.

They said they liked that McCarthy was ready to look out for their well-being and health during the season.

“He’s been great. “I see how there could be doubts about his situation, but I know how things work,” Prescott said. “If so, then there must be about me too, to be honest.” That guy, he’s the reason I’ve had this season.

He is the reason why this team has been so successful. I know it’s about getting the Super Bowl; that’s the bar in this game and for sure this place. I see it. So please add me to the list.”

Prescott is signed until 2024, and his pay of $59.4 million will go toward the salary cap. Jones and Stephen Jones, who is executive vice president, have said they would like to keep Prescott for a long time.

The Cowboys can’t use the franchise tag on Prescott following the 2024 season. A deal would drop that cap number, giving the team a better chance to keep Tyron Smith, Dorance Armstrong, or Jourdan Lewis when they become free agents.

Jones said, “Everyone in this room and I thought we were in a good spot to move this thing along towards the playoffs and to possibly go as far as our aspirations could take us.”

They were behind 27–7 at halftime, and the Packers, who won 6-0 at AT&T Stadium, never got back into the game. Jones also wouldn’t say how soon he might choose McCarthy’s future.

However, after the loss, Jones wouldn’t say anything about coach Mike McCarthy’s job security, saying that he hadn’t had time to look over the game yet.

“It wasn’t us. I don’t think about the reason why, the coaches, or the players. Jones said, “I want to say nice things about Green Bay.”

Big-name coaches like Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, and Nick Saban might be available, but Jones said he doesn’t feel rushed to make a choice.