Jennifer López feels guilty about how her fame affects her children: “I have done that to them”

What Jennifer Lopez “kills” for her children we were clear about it, but the actress has finally been honest and has acknowledged that she feels guilty as a mother that her children, the twins Max y Emme15 years old and the result of his relationship with Marc Anthonythey had to bear the weight of their parents’ fame: “As a mother I feel guilty for what I have done and what I have contributed to their lives. I have done that to them.”

JLO’s confession about her need to be able to better protect her children in the face of the notoriety of their parents has come from her soul during an interview with the media Audacywhere five women interview her on the occasion of the premiere on Netflix of her film Motherand they manage to open their hearts.

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During the sincere conversation, he expressed his regret that adolescents have had to grow up with the signaling and the difficulties of having a mother, a father and a stepfather, Ben Affleckso famous

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In the film, which breaks all viewing records on the N platform, López plays a mother who works as a murderer, who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter, played by Lucy Paez, which he gave up for adoption at birth. Abandoning her like this, she tried to prevent her life from being tied to the dangers of her parent’s. The journalists of Audacy They asked JLO what she would like to protect her children from and she forcefully replied: “Everything.”

The pop star explained it in detail: “I think that being the child of famous parents is not something that many people understand and I feel sorry for my children, because they have not chosen to be,” adding that now that they are 15 years old it has begun to talk to them about this issue and how others treat them just because of their last name.

“When they walk into a room people think about that. They don’t see them for who they are and I think that has to be very difficult for my children. So I would love to be able to protect them. Being judged by strangers who don’t know them it’s very difficult to grow and be able to become themselves. They know that there is a constant focus on them and that is very hard.”

López put the cards face up and confessed how she accepts her guilt for being so famous: “As a mother I feel guilty for what I have done and what I have contributed to her life. I have done that to them.” The actress also recognized that, like any mother, “you don’t want them to feel pain, but that’s not realistic. As time goes by and you mature, you realize that pain is necessary, it’s good. Pain makes you feel like a warrior when you face it,” he said.

The star responded very convinced to the million dollar question about how a perfect mother is for her: “Each one of us is different. There is no perfect version, it’s about being the best version of a mother you can with your virtues, your experiences and your way of being”, he answered.

In addition to the twins Max and Emme, born in 2008, Jennifer also acts as a mother when her husband’s children have been with her since 2022, Ben Affleck, who contributes to the great family through Violet17 years old, Seraphina14, and Samueleleven, the result of his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner.