Jennifer Lawrence, on the red carpet in Cannes, with some beach flip-flops!

Jennifer Lawrence He arrived and triumphed in Cannes, both for the social and humanitarian commitment of the documentary he was presenting, and for his look on the red carpet. Dressed in an absolutely perfect red Dior model, with an impeccable structure, the actress left everyone stunned when it was revealed that her feet were wearing simple beach flip-flops, the kind that get caught on the toes.

The main star of The Hunger Games arrived in Cannes to attend a screening of Bread and Rosesa documentary presented and produced by her, which tells the complicated and painful lives of Afghan women who remain trapped under the Taliban regime.

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Image of Dior for many years, the interpreter chose an extraordinary red design style Old Hollywood, with a tight and structured waist, with a subtle ruffle covering the chest, thin straps and a wide flare that perfectly covered her feet. The model was accompanied by a large shawl that covered part of her arms made of the same fabric, silk crepe, and color.

When the star descended the steps of the red carpet, the surprise was great. Jennifer, who is well known for having personality and not letting herself be carried away by the demands of fame and fashion if she doesn’t want to, this time she ditched her heels and wore simple black Hawaiian-style beach flip-flops, without more artifice.

Although it seems the least glamorous option that any woman could choose in a gala situation, such as the red carpet of such a renowned film festival as the French one, in the case of Jennifer, her audacity to avoid unpleasantness with foot pain has been taken with authentic sympathy, and the detail has been commented, yes, but applauded.

In addition, the perfection of her figure and the beauty of the dress have minimized the importance of the shoes, whose humble nature would not have been discovered if it were not for the stairs, because the length and flare of the beautiful skirt of the Dior dress hid them from anyone. The perfection.