Jenni Hermoso: “It’s the best feeling of my life”

“We have played football as we wanted”


The Spanish international Jenni Hermoso has assured that the victory in the World Cup final against England is “the best feeling” of her life, and has affirmed that this Sunday they have “played football” as they have “wanted”.

“We had been trying to imagine it for many days. We are not aware that we are fucking world champions! It’s the best feeling I’ve experienced in football, the best feeling of my life. This is tremendous, we dedicate it to all our families and to all the people who have taken to the streets in Spain”, he pointed out in La 1 after finishing the meeting.

The striker, who missed a second-half penalty in Sydney, indicated the importance of playing the way they had in mind. “We have played football as we wanted and we have won a World Championship”, she finished.