Jenni Hermoso denounces pressure from Rubiales and the RFEF: “We don’t deserve this”

After the collective statement issued by FUTPRO condemning the events of Luis Rubiales and which included statements by Jennifer Hermoso denying the words of the president of the Spanish Football Federation, the player has shared an individual statement through her social networks.

In it, Jenni has assured that “I feel obliged to denounce that the words of Mr. Luis Rubiales explaining the unfortunate incident are categorically false and part of the manipulative culture that he himself has generated.” The player adds that “at no time did the conversation” that Rubiales explained this morning take place and “that, far from it, his kiss was consented to. In the same way, I want to reiterate as I did at the time that this fact had not been to my liking.”

The champion also explains that she has remained silent until now because “the situation caused me a shock due to the context of the celebration and with the passage of time and after delving a little deeper into those first feelings, I feel the need to denounce this fact.” , since it considers that “no person, in any work, sports or social field should be a victim of this type of non-behavior behavior”.

The player has assured that she felt “vulnerable” because “I was not respected” and confirms that “I was asked to make a joint statement to reduce the pressure on the president, but at that time in my head I only had the idea of ​​enjoying the milestone historical achievement together with my companions”.

“Continuous Pressure”

In addition, Jenni has confessed that “I have been under continuous pressure to come up with a statement that could justify the act of Mr. Luis Rubiales” and points directly to the leadership: “In different ways and through different people, the RFEF has pressured those around me to give a testimony that had little or nothing to do with my feelings”.

“As the World Champion National Team we do not deserve such a manipulative, hostile and controlling culture,” he remarked. “This type of incident joins a long list of situations that the players have been denouncing in recent years, so this fact, in which I have been involved, is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back and what all the world has been able to see, but attitudes like this have been part of the daily life of our team for years”.

Having said this, the player wanted to reinforce her position and considers that “I do not have to support the person who has committed this action against my will, without respecting me, at a historic moment for me and for women’s sports in this country.” .