Jeff Bezos asks Lauren Sánchez to marry him on his 500 million sailboat: “Yes, I want to”

The tycoon and his girlfriend are engaged. The request has taken place on the Koru, the boat that Jeff Bezos premiered just two weeks ago and with which they have already visited Mallorca and Ibiza, among many other ports. Lauren Sanchez He has said “I do” and is already showing off an impressive diamond ring from the deck of his sailboat, one of the most expensive in the world (almost 500 million euros).

Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of Washington Post, turned his life around three years ago, when he ended his marriage with Mackenzie Scott, with whom he had spent the last quarter of his life and had four children: three biological and one adopted in China. The tycoon fell madly in love with the Latino presenter Lauren Sánchez, who divorced Patrick Whitsell, one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, after 13 years of love and two children, to live her love story with Bezos.

The origins of their relationship were complicated but they managed to overcome critical moments and establish themselves as one of the most powerful couples on the planet. Now they work side by side in Blue Origin, the all-female space expedition, and in the Bezos Earth Fund, a foundation endowed with 10,000 million dollars to fight climate change.