Jay Bilas releases his 15–68 list of the best men’s college basketball teams for the 2023–24 season.

Jay Bilas releases his 15–68 list of the best men’s college basketball teams for the 2023–24 season.

For the 2023–24 college basketball season, welcome to The Bilas Index, Vol. I. Everyone knows that while the press and the public are lost in the dark trying to figure out which players and teams are the best, you can see the light thanks to The Bilastrator.

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Soon after the entire March Madness men’s bracket came out on Sunday, several college basketball pros made their predictions about who would win this year’s competition.

ESPN’s Jay Bilas really stood out when he picked the winner of the 2023 NCAA event. Bias, who used to go to Duke, picked the No. 5 Blue Devils as the national runners-up. Then he chose No. 4 UConn to be the national winner in 2023.

It wasn’t just Bilas on ESPN who picked UConn for the Final Four. There are four college basketball experts on ESPN: Bilas, Seth Greenberg, Rece Davis, as well as LaPhonso Ellis.

All four picked the Huskies to make it to the Final Four, which means they all thought they would win the West Region. Davis even faced UConn in his championship game, but No. 1 Alabama beat them.

When it comes to chances of winning the national title, SI Sportsbook says the Huskies are third best (+900), after Houston and Alabama. That means Bilas might not have been too far off.

With a 25–8 record, UConn went 4th within the Big East at the end of the season. In the first round, on Friday, March 17, at 4:30 p.m., it plays No. 13 Iona. Here is the full schedule for the NCAA men’s competition.

He doesn’t exactly think these are the teams that will make it to March Madness, but they’re the best according to results along with the potential of the players on the team.

There are a lot of surprises on Bilas’s list of teams, which you can read all about on the ESPN+ app.

Bilas, who used to play basketball for Duke and has been the voice for ESPN’s college sports coverage for a long time, has a unique view of the possible March Madness field as well as which teams should win.

The 68 teams that Bilas thinks are the best in college basketball are listed below. This was written just a few weeks before March Madness began. ESPN’s Jay Bilas recently made a list of the top 68 college basketball teams within the country.

After Coach K left, there was only one return starter and a lot of young players. However, the team went on to win 27 games, go perfect at home, win the ACC tournament, and get a No. 5 seed within the NCAA tournament.

Tennessee beat the young yet talented Blue Devils badly in the second round, but they were good enough to go further.

And this season, Jon Scheyer’s squad has more experience, depth, and skill all around, so they can handle this kind of rough play better.