Javier Santos and his paternity war against Julio Iglesias: he loses in Strasbourg but now turns to the UN

Javier Santosafter all his frustrated attempts, brought his paternity suit against Julio Iglesias to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. However, the one who claims to be the alleged son of our most international singer has not been victorious in this new movement either, since the agency has made the decision not to reopen his case.

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However, Javier’s legal team has announced that his client is not giving up and that, after this decision from Strasbourg, he will turn to the UN. His new strategy for him? Submit “lawsuits against Julio’s other children outside of Spain”, “inform the WHO of the dysfunction between genetics and justice” and “strengthen the figure of a mediator”.

The fight of Javier Santos

Javier Santos, son of Maria Edite Santosfiled a lawsuit in a Valencian court in 2017, accompanied by a genetic comparison report between Javier Santos and Julio Jose Iglesias Preysler.

This evidence was obtained by a private detective who collected an object abandoned by the alleged half-brother of the plaintiff, which contained biological samples of Julio José Iglesias Preysler. The analysis of the possible brotherhood between the two gave a positive and conclusive probability result of 99%.

The claim was upheld by the Court of First Instance number 13 of Valencia on July 9, 2019. Javier Santos filed it to declare his non-marital parental affiliation, based on new factual and legal grounds and without there being a subjective identity between the last affiliation procedure and that of 1991, initiated by his mother when Javier was a minor.

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However, given the subsequent rejection of the appeals in the different Spanish courts, the legal representatives of Santos decided to go to the ECHR. And as it has been finally verified, without success. However, he does not give up and now he will spend his cartridges in the UN. He adds and continues.