Javi Pérez: “Our season is outstanding”

Javi Pérez, UD Ibiza midfielder, will miss this Saturday’s match against Real Valladolid (22 hours / Can Misses), team in which the player has a past. The footballer wished Pucela the best, but always after the duel at Can Misses. The one from Cabanillas del Campo stated that the campaign of his squad, the first of the islanders in the Second Division, is of high note. “Our season is outstanding”, indicated the footballer.

“Our expectations were to save the category, so it is outstanding. You have saved yourself a month before finishing the competition and I think the work has been magnificent”, declared Javi Pérez. That in the collective aspect, while personally he starred in “a good first round, with quite a few minutes”, but in the second part of the championship he had “a little more irregularity” since “injuries” weighed him down. “I’m happy, in the end, with the team’s work. The individual will have to be improved next season”, added the player.

Photo by Javi Perez

Pérez pointed out that the injury he is suffering “is progressing well”, but he does not know if he will be able to play on the last day, in the Oviedo field, to “end the season well”. He will not be available against Valladolid, for which he is “very happy” because of the position he occupies. “They treated me very well there and I have very good friends. I am very happy for them. Hopefully they get promoted to First. I don’t know if it’s direct because this weekend they will surely have to lose against Ibiza, but I always wish them the best. Hopefully they end up going up. I think they will make it. They have, if not the best team in the Second Division, they will be among the best three for sure. It’s a team with a lot of resources and the coach, Pacheta, has managed it very well”.

“Everything indicates that I’m still here”

Pérez also said that he believes he will continue at Ibiza, with whom he has a two-year contract. “I am very happy here. I feel at home. I am happy. Nobody knows the future, but I am clear that I want to continue here. This is my site and where I will give my best version. So there is Javi Pérez for a while”, he sentenced. “Everything indicates that I’m still here.”