Javi Martínez never tires of winning … and there are eight

Martinez can to show off of Titles, nothing more and nothing less than eight
consecutive with the Bayern
Munich, historical record next to the Juventus, the same number he carries in his shirt since he joined the Bavarian team, after paying the 40
millions of clause to the Athletic in the summer of 2012, to place yourself at the command of Jupp

Not even in his best dreams could he have imagined achieving this collection of titles, being also a important piece at many of those championships. In the recent could not participate as much as he would have liked, but the injury problems for much of the season they have prevented him from enjoying the new title as he really would have liked, being more of a star on the pitch.

The Bayern overcame the Werder
Bremen at home (0-1), of course, with a bit of work by the ‘killer’ Lewandowski and in the absence of two games for the conclusion of the championship, with a insurmountable difference ten points, with one more game, on the second classified, the Borussia
Dortmund, has continued its seven previous titles.

The team led by Hansi
Flick has come back as a roller after the break. Last week he also qualified for the


and in the resumption of the championship he has achieved seven
followed in the matches played, with 20 goals for and only 5 against, figures, undoubtedly, of the winning team.

Few minutes

The former of the Athletic has hardly been able to participate in 21 minutes since the return of the confinement, acting only in three duels as a substitute. With that lost of relevance During this course, in recent times he has been linked to a possible return to Athleticbut it fits one more year of contract and the Navarrese has stated that his intention is to fulfill his contract in the German team.

Martinez expressed his joy for the title through a message by social networks, with different images of his trophies and the 8 for reference.

In addition you have to add to your honors
Cups German and a
Champions in the 2012-13 academic year, its debut with Heynckes.