Januzaj changes his mind and will be the next to renew

They say that good news never comes alone. And in the case of the renewal of David Silva it is fulfilled. Because of the contract extension of the Canarian midfielder, whose announcement no one expected at this time of the season, It will be followed by another renewal that seemed very far away, that of Adnan Januzaj. The Belgian footballer has changed his mind (again) and will be the next to renew with Real Sociedad. In your case it will be for a longer time, until 2025, with an option to extend it until 2026. In this way, the Belgian footballer lives up to his status as a special player (something that they already know in the San Sebastian club) and when everything seemed doomed to him leaving, it turns out that backtracks again and decides to accept the renewal offer he agreed to in Januarybut then had not wanted to do, while flirting with other possible options that could fit into his future.

But after a period of reflection, in which he took the opportunity to look at and closely assess what the market outside of Real Sociedad offered him, Januzaj has decided that he prefers to continue in San Sebastián, where he has grown exponentially from a sporting point of view, has managed to find stability and is very comfortable living. It must be said that the Belgian from the first moment had been attracted by the idea of ​​staying longer at Real Sociedad, but it was his environment that ‘invited’ him to try other things outside and the one that asked him to look higher, trying his luck in more powerful clubs that could offer other larger challenges. Thus, his representative, Mino Raiola, made a move by talking to powerful Italian clubs such as Naples and Milan, who showed a lot of interest in his signing for next season. To the point that figures were even discussed, reaching an agreement in principle that was never finalized. The matter became so complicated that in the Real they began to give him up for lost in March, even suspecting that he had passed until the medical examination to advance procedures. Really, not much progress was made, but the contacts were very close. Januzaj was then more outside than inside Real.

However, in the realistic club they hoped that he would change his mind again. Precisely, as they know him well, they hoped that in the same way that he had left his possible renewal agreement in the air, he could also reverse his determined intention to leave. “Who knows what goes through Januzaj’s head, one day he says one thing, another comes to you with another. And then one thing is what he tells you, and another is what those who handle his affairs tell him“, pointed out to Diario AS an authorizing voice from the San Sebastian club. He was not without reason, because it is going to be strictly complied with.

The Belgian pending the state of health of his representative, Mino Raiola, with whom he began working last summer, Januzaj has decided not to wait any longer for possible offers that may arrive in summer and take what he already has in hand, which is the proposal to continue in the Real. It is an operation with which he agreed in January, when he gave his approval to renew and only the signature was missing. Then everything has been entangled until reaching this point with which the ‘Januzaj case’ will be put to an end. His new contract with Real has been agreed and closed, and in the next few days his long-awaited renewal is expected to be announced. The fact of seeing that he will continue playing in Europe next season with Real, and that the club continues to bet on a high profile of footballers for its squad, as has been proven with the renewal of Silva, have had a lot to do with his change of mind and in his decision.