Jan Oblak returns to Munich after another big week

One more summer, the best news for Atlético has been to see that its best exponent in recent seasons is still in the squad. Oblak became essential again last year with stops that were worth 24 points to Simeone's team. Needless to say, what would have happened to the team in qualifying without those interventions. The Slovenian goalkeeper has started the season again as he left it and has already grown against Villarreal, where at 19 'he secured, at least, the tie with a crucial save from Mario's shot. We are talking about a game in which Atlético did not finish between the three posts.

Oblak traveled during the break and left with his national team, which he has given a cruising speed that allows him to lead Group 3 of League C of the Nations League. Two wins in a row against Kosovo and Moldova and two clean sheets thanks to his good hand. Slovenia have become a bolt thanks to their goalkeeper and are hoping to get promoted. Oblak was crucial in the 0-1 against Kosovo.

The Oblak stop to Kosovo.

In the 42 'minute he stopped a direct free from Paqarada, making it easy, but the best came a minute later when he made a goal save on the shot from Celina. Then, against Moldova, the story could be very different if he did not chase a ball during a corner to miraculously prevent Nicolaescu from opening the scoring over the goal line. One more day in the office for the Atlético goalkeeper who, later, grabbed the suitcase and showed up in Vigo to sour Celta's afternoon. Four stops to support Atlético, one of them vital to Santi Mina.

The Oblak stop to Moldova.

Oblak has had another great week before traveling to the Allianz, a stadium where he is highly respected. In 2016, rojiblancos and bavaros played the semifinals of the Champions League. Atlético went to Munich with an advantage thanks to a goal from Saúl and a great night from Oblak, which avoided the draw. At the Allianz it would be even more decisive. “The cloud that extinguished the Bavarian sun,” the leading Slovenian sports newspaper titled Ekipa, playing with the meaning of the Atlético goalkeeper's surname — Oblak means cloud in his language — to describe what happened. Atlético fell 2-1, but he resisted the German bombing and Oblak saved Müller a penalty to put his team in the final. After that, the goalkeeper played another game in the first phase 16-17, with a 1-0 defeat with both Lewandowski missing when the rojiblancos were already champions of their group.

He already stands out at the start among European goalkeepers.

Taking into account the numbers of the major leagues, Oblak is once again in the vanguard group. The rojiblanco receives only 0.25 goals every ninety minutes at this start of the championship. Only Keylor (PSG) has conceded slightly less, with a just 0.2, among the best goalkeepers in the five major leagues. Oblak, however, according to OPTA data, is the best in terms of percentage of stops to shots from within the area with a 90% success rate.

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Eleven most valuable of the moment.

A few days ago, the specialized site Transfermarkt published the eleven with the highest market value today. There was only one LaLiga player in it and it was Jan Oblak, with an estimated value of 90 million, no other goalkeeper surpasses him. At the Allianz he will once again be one of Atlético's best arguments to stop Bayern being super champion of everything. In total, Oblak, since the beginning of this course has accumulated seven clean sheets in eight games played. With Slovenia accumulates a full of clean sheets, four out of four. In LaLiga, Oblak already commands the classification of Zamora with a single conceded goal.

Best goalkeepers 5 major leagues Goal / Part Part Min.% Area save

Keylor Navas (PSG) 0.2 5 450 85.71
Oblak (Athletic) 0.25 4 360 90
Donnarumma (Milan) 0.25 4 360 88.89
Maignan (Lille) 0.29 7 630 81.82
Remiro (R. Society) 0.33 6 540 75