James and Bale are the worst ghosts of Real Madrid

Madrid looks attentive to the Premier, with some fear. And not because there is any pearl on the white agenda that half of Europe is fighting for or because the economic potential of English clubs threatens to take away any Madrid star. Restlessness comes from the other side. For what they can do, and above all shine, James and Bale. Two discards of Zidane that have left through the back door in separate operations that precisely have not been financially optimal for the entity either.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The Colombian is already beginning to leave ample samples of the quality that he treasures and that he has not displayed in his last years at Madrid and just in his two seasons at Bayern, during the time that he coincided with Ancelotti. The Italian was the coach who produced the best version of James at the Bernabéu and a key factor in his signing for Everton. “He is showing his quality. This is the quality that I saw in Madrid and the same that I saw in Bayern,” said the transalpine coach.

On the banks of the Mersey, James already has three goals and two assists in five games in which he has intervened (430 minutes played) and has participated in the elaboration of another goal. Half of the 12 goals of the Premier's leader have, in one way or another, the stamp of the coffee international.

James, 29, is on track to become, by far, the most profitable signing of a Premier who has spent 1,366 million euros in reinforcements (more than triple that of LaLiga, having entered less from sales). Although figures of about 25 million euros were handled for his transfer (and with a salary reduction by the player), the official documents revealed his true price: zero. Were some statements by Ignacio Uzquiza, treasurer of Banfield, which uncovered the conditions of the transaction. “The transfer of James from Real Madrid to Everton was made at no cost, as if he were a free player. The pertinent consultations have already been made to both clubs and unfortunately Banfield will not receive money as a solidarity mechanism,” said the president of the Argentine club. where James arrived at the age of 17 and served between 2008 and 2010.

The one who is still waiting in England, but with great expectations, is Gareth Bale. The 31-year-old Welshman signed for Tottenham suffering from a knee injury that has prevented him from making his debut with the London team and being called up with his national team for this selection window. The forecast indicates that after the break he will be ready to put himself under Mourinho's orders. He has not been seen at stake on the pitch, but he has been seen in the stands, from where he lives the matches with a commitment that was not noticed in Madrid, and in training. Bale himself has been in charge of spreading some images of his solo sessions on his social networks in which he is full of spirits.

For Tottenham, the play can be round. First, because it pleases your technician. Mourinho gets a player he has wanted for a long time (he already tried to take him to Manchester United in 2017) and from which he can get the most out of it. And second, because he recovers for free, even if it is loaned for a season, to a player who sold six years ago for 101 million euros. And above Madrid still takes over half the salary of the British footballer, who ends his contract in June 2022. Therein lies the potential benefit of Madrid: a good year that revalues ​​Bale for a transfer next summer. Although the sale is for a lower figure given the age of the player and the proximity to the expiration of his link with the white entity.