Jaime Lorente and María Pombo ‘champion’ the protests against Pedro Sánchez and the amnesty on networks

The protests over the pacts of Pedro Sanchez and the amnesty law flood the streets and also social networks. Jaime Lorente y Maria Pombo They are making people talk for their messages against the acting President of the Government, who, barring a last-minute surprise, will revalidate his mandate in an investiture session for which there is still no date but which will be held in the coming days.

The protagonist of El Cid, The Paper House o Christ and King He has heated up the atmosphere these days with tweets in which he has also attacked Gabriel Rufian of Esquerrea Republicana de Catalunya. The two got into a conversation in the middle of a conversation about the protests and demonstrations called in Ferraz, a Madrid street where the socialist headquarters is located.

The Murcian actor, who became a father for the second time in May with Marta Goenagaalso had some words for Yolanda Diazthe leader of Sumar and second vice president of the acting Government: “Serenity and coexistence have prevailed over noise and hatred because you have managed to turn everything into noise and hatred,” the actor responded after these words from the politician: “The 23J we said that we were going to have a progressive coalition government. They have been difficult months, but serenity and coexistence have prevailed over noise and hatred. We will continue to advance on the path of social progress. More rights, more future.”

This Sunday, at the same time that other demonstrations are called in Madrid and other cities, the actor has attacked Pedro Sánchez. “This Jaime Lorente thing has a lot of merit, being considered a good actor for playing the same role over and over again,” wrote a user on X, to which he responded. “Yours has more merit, that after lying to your face again and again, you continue voting for the same liar.”

María Pombo, for her part, has also become a trend for her opinion about the current political situation: “A while ago I stopped giving my opinion because it seems that we have less and less freedom, but what we are experiencing is so sad that I can’t “I can remain silent.” And he added: “What is happening in Spain is a clear example that we are moving further and further away from democracy and equality for all citizens. The thirst for power at all costs and at any price from people with so much responsibility is the most dangerous for a country.”

The influencer, who became the mother of her second child with Pablo Castellano Last June, he stated in his post: “The laws should be unbreakable for everyone, not just for some and much less for people who hate and want to separate Spain.”

Both María Pombo and Jaime Lorente have generated a great impact on social networks with their messages occupying the top positions in national trends. The networks are divided between those who share his opinion and those who defend Pedro Sánchez’s pacts with Carles Puigdemont (Junts per Catatalunya) and other parties to form a Government.