Jaime del Burgo, before his marriage to Telma Ortiz, fell in love with Letizia and bought her a ring

Invisible for a long time, it returns to the scene Jaime del Burgo, the former husband of Telma Ortiz. The Navarrese lawyer talks about the Queen and does so in the new book Penafiel that now sees the light, Letizia and me. Before the Asturian journalist entered Zarzuela, we know that Jaime fell in love with her and even bought her a ring. There was a dinner at the Ritz in Madrid, which the Navarrese man attended “with a marriage proposal ring in his pocket.” The Asturian woman replied that she had met a person who would change her life. Don Felipe. The consort put a cordon sanitaire on this friendship in 2011. Del Burgo reveals episodes with the CNI and other niceties.

Time is very well managed in this matter. Queen Letizia is always in the news. At the same time that Vanity Fair launches a detailed portrait of the consort and how she has conquered left-wing culture with her magnetism, Peñafiel, declared enemy of Felipe VI’s wife, launches his new title. To put together her story, she has relied on the testimonies of Jaime del Burgo, son of the Navarrese politician. Jaime Ignacio del Burgo.

Letizia to Jaime del Burgo: “We cannot continue seeing each other”

At the same time that we receive this modern and avant-garde portrait of our Queen, committed to cinema, books and music, a Letizia who raps to El Chojin, watches TikTok, takes selfies and loves indie cinema, we receive this Peñafiel’s book. We went from “the most affectionate, warm, fast, playful and funny Letizia, who laughs at herself like all intelligent people“, in the words of Luis Alegredirector of the Tudela Festival, to these revelations: “Felipe promised Letizia that, in case the marriage did not come to fruition, he would take care of her and respect her rights as a mother. if by then they had offspring.” A testimony that collides head-on with the maximum discretion that always guides the Queen and the Royal House.

The lawyer also reveals how the then princess of Asturias put an end to her friendship with him. It was in August 2011. “The only time we argued”. It took place in Marivent, in Mallorca. “In November of that year, I was in London and I got a call. It was very brief. He said, ‘We can’t keep seeing each other.’ And he hung up.” Then came Telma’s wedding to Jaime, in 2014. A marriage that lasted two years, until 2016. More things: Jaime narrates the episode in which the CNI searched his house in search of compromised documents related to the Queen. He also slips that he asked Letizia for her collaboration so that Juan Carlos I “can die in his homeland.”