Jaime Cantizano will leave TVE to do the afternoons of Onda Cero and Julia Otero jumps to the weekend

Onda Cero’s evening offer will change starting next season and the same will happen with weekends: Julia Otero will leave the afternoons of the Atresmedia radio network to take charge of the Saturday and Sunday morning show, now presented by Jaime Cantizano. In turn, the Jerez announcer will fill the gap left by the Galician journalist, who presents Julia on the Wave since 2007. Reliable sources also confirm that Cantizano’s contract is “long-term” and will include “television projects” compatible with his radio tasks. Cantizano will not be able to continue leading Mornings on TVE.

The Andalusian presenter will therefore not be able to continue leading the magazine. Mornings of La 1, beyond this season. It is not ruled out, however, that Julia Otero returns to the public network with the format she already hosted last season, titled Días de Tele and produced by PRISA and José Miguel Contreras through The Co-Producer.

The remodeling of the Onda Cero Radio grill will begin in September

At the return of summer there will be the exchange of cards between two of its main stars, as Informalia is able to anticipate. The Cádiz announcer, whose signing for TVE we previewed last July, has agreed to host the evening magazine of the Atresmedia Radio station after 6 years leading the weekend mornings in the house with very good data. For her part, Julia Otero has achieved her desire to take over the weekend morning slot after 17 uninterrupted years directing and presenting the afternoons. The Galician journalist asked Atresmedia to move from the daily afternoon slot to the weekend mornings.

Sources familiar with the agreement indicate that negotiations began a few months ago; after Julia Otero, who ends her contract next July, notified the management of Onda Cero of her intention to reduce her presence at the microphone and showed her desire to lead the slot occupied to date by the space ‘It’s finally not Monday’, led by Cantizano. The presenter left the radio in 2021 due to cancer that she fortunately overcame. Otero returned to Onda Cero the following year after getting the station to comply with his demand to present Julia en la Onda (JELO) ‘only’ from Monday to Thursday, instead of also doing so in the Friday edition. With this operation Onda Cero rewards Cantizano, who begins to compete in one of the main slots on Spanish radio after 6 years of success on the weekend, and Otero, who had requested to change slots. Atresmedia scores great success with this operation. On the one hand, he retains Cantizano, whose effectiveness is beyond any doubt. On the other hand, it keeps Julia Otero on the air, in a time of extraordinary importance, such as weekends. But there is also the television aspect of the agreement because Jaime Cantizano triumphs on the screen, as he demonstrates daily with Mornings, the magazine that he presents daily on La 1 and that is undoubtedly one of the few successes of TVE, where he reaches audience shares that are close to 10% with the space produced for the Corporation by La Cometa. Cantizano’s decision to accept the afternoons of Onda Cero forces him to abandon his role as presenter of Mornings but in the future it will have other screen options, although at this moment there is no specific project on the table, on one of the Atresmedia channels. Cantizano never considered combining the presentation of a three-hour evening show on radio with another morning show on TVE. Only María Teresa Campos, At that time known as the queen of television mornings, she was able to combine between September 1998 and April 2000 Día a día on Telecinco and La Tarde de COPE, abandoning the latter space previously presented. Encarna Sanchez o Mari Cruz Soriano due to “exhaustion”, as he later acknowledged.

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Blow on the Atresmedia table against TVE

Cantizano’s goodbye to Mañaneros is a blow for TVE’s La 1, which is approving this season in the morning slot with the La Cometa magazine by averaging very good ratings and better acceptance. Cantizano, who has a salary at TVE of 1,750 euros per space (which entails an annual income of more than 35,000 euros), broke his ties with him 12 years ago. Atresmedia Television after having triumphed with Where are you Love o Taste of the. Since then, the former Antena 3 member has worked on various public channels (TVE itself, Telemadrid or Canal Sur) and has also done so on television. Julia Otero, who does not rule out returning with Días de Tele a La 1 or another prime time compatible with his new weekend magazine on Onda cero Radio. Otero tried it more than a decade ago on Antena 3 with the program Citizens, which was withdrawn after only two deliveries. Last campaign he presented TV days, which, as we said, can return with a second season to TVE despite having averaged an 8% share, considered insufficient as it has a cost of 5.5 million euros, of which 325,000 were to pay the presenter.

Radio trends

Cantizano points to growth in Finally it’s not Monday, which, according to the third wave of the General Media Study (EGM), garnered 796,000 listeners in the Saturday edition (which represents an interannual growth of 277,000 followers) and 599,000 on Sundays (+38,000 compared to the previous year). very good data. Julia on the Wave, However, it has suffered a slight downward trend in recent times in the afternoon classification table after having given up second place to La Tarde de COPE, currently presented by Fernando de Haro and Pilar Cisneros. The Onda Cero program is doubled in listeners by Window by Carles Francino on Cadena SER. Julia en la Onda garnered 487,000 listeners, according to the latest wave of the EGM, which represents a drop of 35,000 followers. The numbers from 4 to 7 in the afternoon are weaker: 371,000 listeners compared to 925,000 for SER and 498,000 for COPE. Julia Otero has fallen to third position after having led radio afternoons in the 90s with the program Julia’s Radio above Window from SER and La Tarde from COPE. But his dismissal in 1999 due to the newly privatized Telefónica’s decision to ingratiate itself with the Government of José María Aznar They ended his reign. After the purchase of Onda Cero by Grupo Planeta, José Manuel Lara Bosch recovered Otero in 2007, which began a new stage in September.

Historical figure

With this operation, Atresmedia Radio retains a historical figure such as Julia Otero, who at the end of the 70s began in the journalistic profession with a space on Radio Sabadell and later succeeded in other Catalan stations such as Radio Juventud and Radio Miramar (allied with COPE). . In 1987 she premiered on television and the following year she rose to fame on TVE with the 3X4 contest, which was followed by formats such as La Luna or La Ronda. In 2000, after her controversial dismissal from Onda Cero, she took over the afternoons at TV3 (La Columna) and later returned to TVE with the interview slot. The cherries.

Cantizano is in the news today after the Informalia exclusive after having been yesterday after announcing his departure from the social network formerly known as Twitter. “It’s time to leave this patio called X,” he pointed out along with a hashtag, “It bores me supremely.” The new afternoon host of Onda Cero has also given people something to talk about. deny the dismissal of Terelu Campos from TVE. “A lot has been published this week and I don’t understand why, I get along very well with Terelu Campos. I want to make it clear that she continues working on the TVE program, that nothing has happened, nor has anyone quarreled. There is no problem , we don’t have any problems,” he said in It’s finally not Monday.

The Andalusian journalist has spent more than two decades on the front line of the media after debuting as co-presenter of Ana Rosa Quintana in Taste of you, kiss the glory in Primer Time with DEC (produced by Ana Rosa) and later host magazines such as 3 Band y On Antenna, large formats such as Pass word o Look who is dancing! or prime time spaces such as Hit, Jugando con las estrellas (both on TVE), Original and Copla (Canal Sur) or Atrápame si puede Celebrity (Telemadrid).