Jacobo Ostos and his girlfriend break up after announcing their wedding: “She discovered something that she has not been able to accept”

Desolate. This is what until a few days ago was called 'fiancee' of Jacobo Ostos. They had been together for five months but had already announced a grand wedding for 2024 that they were going to sell through a great exclusive. It has not been. Mary has put an end to her romance with the son of Jaime Ostos y Great English Grajal: “Leaving someone when you're in love is very hard”has said.

The young woman, who visited the Sonsoles program a few days ago with Jacobo to support him in the family war over her father's inheritance, does not stop crying: “You have the ideal man in your life, until you realize that he is not ideal”. That's all he's said about her unexpected breakup. The DJ assures that they have broken up on good terms, but a storm is brewing: “She is going to tell the reasons for the breakup soon and she has suffered a lot with this because she is very in love with Jacobo. She has tried and has not could, it has surpassed him,” said Luis García Temprano. “It's something that she didn't know and that she found out within weeks of being with him. It was a shock but she tried to accept it out of love. In the end she couldn't.”

The rest of the members have already given the first clues: “He discovered something a week after being with the person that he tried to cope with but couldn't.” Sonsoles has been blunt: “They told me the reasons for the breakup and I wouldn't have lasted even five minutes.”

They have also ruled out that it is machismo: “Her life revolved around him. She said that she was happy being a maid. She prepared his food, made his bed… But she was happy like that.” And they conclude: “It's something we didn't expect, it's going to surprise us. If things don't change, they won't get back together.”

Unexpected breakup

Just five days ago, Jacobo Ostos shared a photograph with Mery to celebrate their first Valentine's Day together. Some friends even commented: “That pretty couple… See you on the 2nd in Fuenlabrada, I want to meet your girl.”

It has not been the only romantic message that the DJ has dedicated to his girl in recent months: “Saying goodbye to the year with my better half! The best of 2023,” he said on December 31. “September 26, 2023… Everything changed! My life changed and now everything is better. I hope, I want and I wish. Together always.”

He keeps these posts on his wall, but Mery has deleted them. The model also sent a message this Tuesday: “To all of you who are asking me, I am no longer with Jacobo. I have enormous affection for him. Leaving a relationship does not mean that you have to be fighting.” and pulling your hair out. And yes, there will be an interview and official statement telling why.”